Antioch man Terelle Calles couldn’t handle Broadway’s liquor

33-year-old Terelle Calles was passed out in a stairwell near Nashville Underground in downtown Nashville early Sunday Morning. Officers helped Mr. Calles get into a car for hire, but he was kicked out when his card declined. He was stumbling, couldn’t stand up straight, and was slurring as he spoke. Officers placed Mr. Calles into custody as he was too drunk to care for himself.

TDOC Corporal Ansel Campbell charged with flying drone over Nashville prison

59-year-old TDOC Correctional Corporal Ansel Campbell was booked this week on a citation from May 29th charging him with flying a drone over the Lois M DeBerry Special Needs prison on Cockrill Bend Boulevard. He was caught on video and admitted to bringing the drone from home and flying it above the prison for about 5 minutes. His motive for the flight was unclear.

Hamsmuggler Helper: Prison guard smuggles in 2 phones inside her Hamburger Helper lunch

22-year-old Riverbend Maximum Security Prison Guard, Evelisse Erika Maas, is free on pre-trial release after prison officials located 2 cell phones hidden inside a container of Hamburger Helper in her bag she was bringing into work.

Party In Prison V: Are 3rd Party (G4S) Guards Providing Phones? Meet Toshana Hamilton

In our 5th installment of the ‘Party In Prison’ investigation, we hope to provide some insight into how guards/correctional officers, who are not state of Tennessee employees, have direct access to inmates in TN State prisons, and have direct links to current inmates on social media – often even the first person that is ‘friended’ on brand new social media accounts when they are created on a newly acquired cell phone by an inmate. Let’s  look at an example, and you can decide if hiring 3rd party contractors to act…

T.D.OC. Inmates on Social Media from Prison (Again): Meet Lance Matlock & Brandon Watson

After years of inmates in Tennessee’s prison systems using cell phones that are smuggled into the institutions to post on social media, contact people on the outside, and even other prisoners, the state has appointed a ‘Chief Interdiction Officer’ within the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC), and appointed Lee Dotson to the post. He began his new role on April 1, 2017, and in the weeks since, he has launched a PR campaign that would appear he’s successful, but is he? We’ve found that cell phones have only gotten cheaper…