“I guess that’s what I get for lying” says woman charged with felony for lying to MNPD

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Metro Police say Stacey Lee Oglesbee[fb], 46, has a history of lying to them about her sister being in her house with outstanding warrants, and on Wednesday they charged her with a felony count of false report / obstruction.

It was just after 9 p.m. on Wednesday night when Metro Police observed Dana Pewitt, who they knew to have a confirmed outstanding warrant for violation of her probation, run into the Debow Street home of her sister, Stacey Oglesbee. When police approached the house, Oglesbee refused them entry and told police Pewitt was not in her home. This was the second time in recent weeks this same situation played out.

Stacey Oglesbee (MNPD)

Police told Stacey Oglesbee they witnessed Pewitt run into her home, at which point she tried to shut the door on the officers when they attempted to enter the residence. Pewitt was located inside the house, hidden in a closet, and taken into custody. Oglesbee was also arrested, and charged with false report / obstruction, which is a felony. Police say while in the back of the patrol car, Oglesbee stated “I guess that’s what I get for lying.” She was given pre-trial release, and is scheduled to appear in court in March.

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