Man found unresponsive with 4 kids in car, facing wrong direction in middle of traffic

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Metro police found 28-year-old Justin Tosh unresponsive behind the wheel of his vehicle Friday afternoon. He was facing the wrong direction in the middle of traffic on the Briley Parkway exit ramp to Murfreesboro Pike. Also inside the vehicle were 4 children, all under the age of 10, and one other adult.

Officers removed Tosh from his vehicle, to check for signs of life, and found a pulse but be was otherwise unresponsive. He was given two doses of Narcan while waiting on an ambulance to arrive. Medics were transporting him to Southern Hills when he eventually woke. At the hospital, he told officers he didn’t remember what happened, but was tired and fell asleep. He did not pass field sobriety tests at the hospital, and he was placed under arrest for DUI and consented to a blood draw. The front seat passenger of the vehicle told officers the two had been smoking “synthetic marijuana” before the incident.

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At the scene, DCS responded to take custody of the 4 children, all less than 10 years old, until a guardian could be located. Eventually, the mother responded to the scene and took custody of the children. Police initially identified the man as Justin Mitchell, however once his fingerprints were searched during the booking process, he was found to have an outstanding warrant under his actual name ‘Justin Edward Tosh’.

Justin Tosh is currently held in lieu of an $87,000 bond. He is charged with an outstanding probation violation, child endangerment, 3 counts of aggravated child endangerment age 8 or less, and no driver’s license.

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