Dillion McDowell harasses ex-girlfriend, says “Lemme go ahead and text yo mama these d*ck pics”

32-year-old Dillion Ross McDowell was taken into custody for unlawful exposure, theft of a firearm, and harassment on June 12th. On May 23rd, 2024, Vanessa Ashford, McDowell’s ex-girlfriend, spoke with detectives, advising them that McDowell had been sending harassing texts to her since June 9th, 2023. She stated that she told him to stop contacting her in July 2023. Ashford showed officers over 100 text messages he sent from various phone numbers between June 9th, 2023, and April 20th, 2024. On May 22nd, 2024, Ashford told officers over the phone that McDowell had sent pornographic photos to her mother, Vivian Graves, and her sister, Valentina Yiborku, on July 5th, 2023, from two phone numbers. Ashford said that they received half-naked pictures of her with a bra on and in compromising positions. She showed officers a text McDowell sent stating, “Lemme go ahead and text yo mama these d*ck pics,” which McDowell sent on June 21st, 2023. Ashford also showed officers messages regarding her stolen firearm, which had been missing since June 9th, 2023. She informed officers that her vehicle had been involved in a hit-and-run and was towed around 11:05 p.m. Earlier, around 7:45 p.m., McDowell texted her stating, “Yo cin plz help me I got this gun on me,” and, “Yo, I sweewr I Just crwshed.” When the vehicle was towed away, the firearm was never located. Ashford had asked McDowell for her gun until July 2023, and he refused to return it. Detectives obtained multiple warrants for his arrest on May 23rd, 2024. McDowell was later detained for the incident.

#FreakNik: Abanoub Awed fishtails in Dodge Charger, stolen Glock 45 found in car

20-year-old Abanoub Awed fishtailed his Dodge Charger around several pedestrians near Hadley Park on April 13th. Officers observed him screeching his tires and losing control of his car, so they conducted a traffic stop, where they located a black Glock 45 9mm under the front passenger seat. Officers ran the serial number of the firearm and it returned as reported stolen by Leonel Perez. Awed was taken into custody for reckless endangerment and theft of a firearm on April 14th.

19-year-old Robert Mitchell Jr. caught with stolen gun at Green Hills Mall

19-year-old Robert Lashawn Mitchell Jr. was searched and detained near the Green Hills Mall parking lot regarding a shoplifting incident on February 29th. Employees from the nearby establishment spoke with officers when they arrived and advised them that Mitchell Jr. had a firearm during the incident, which they took after the search.  Officers observed video footage from the location showing employees confiscating the gun from Mitchell. Officers ran the gun’s serial number and were notified of it being stolen. Mitchell Jr. was taken into custody for the theft of a firearm.

Andre Ingram steals ex-wife’s property during divorce, refuses to leave her home

61-year-old Andre Timothy Ingram stole property from his ex-wife, Stanley Sucrontae Rena, at their previously shared residence on January 24th. Rena called the police, reporting that Ingram had stolen items that she owned before their marriage. Rena explained how she allowed Ingram to stay at her house after their divorce while she waited at another location for him to move. Ingram refused to leave the house, so Rena evicted him. Then, when Rena returned to the home, she noticed her belongings were missing. Detectives were informed that Ingram and Rena signed divorce papers in September 2020, stating, “All personal property the Plaintiff has now is his/hers,” and, “All personal property the Defendant has now is his/hers.” Rena provided officers with a moving receipt from 2015 showing her residing at the address before their marriage.
Officers then went to speak with Ingram, who admitted to taking some of the listed items. Rena told officers that during many conversations after their divorce, Rena had told him that she did not care what he took as long as he moved out of the location. Officers advised him to return her property, which Ingram agreed to. Officers notified Rena, telling her she had to give him time to return the property. On February 12th, Rena’s lawyer sent a letter via US Postal Service and email, giving Ingram 10 days to return the stolen items. On February 27th, Ingram still had not returned her belongings or called her lawyer to arrange it. Officers followed up with Rena, who updated her list of missing things. Rena noted that two of her firearms, which she provided proof of purchase for, were also missing. Ingram was taken into custody for theft of property and the theft of a firearm on February 28th.

Convicted Felon Jacobi Roberts caught with multiple stolen weapons

26-year-old Jacobi Laquon Roberts, a convicted felon out of Michigan, had his apartment on Eagle View Boulevard searched via search warrant by officers of the 18th Judicial District Drug Task Force on November 21st. The task force briefly took Jacobi Roberts into custody as the search warrant was conducted. Officers observed a black Glock 30S .45 caliber handgun, a black Glock43X 9mm handgun, and a black Geissele Automatics .556 AR-style pistol in plain view on the kitchen island. The weapons were reported stolen out of Murfreesboro, TN. Roberts was booked and charged with theft of a firearm and three counts of felony possession on December 20th.

19-year-old Tristan Williams jailed on multiple charges including vehicle theft, domestic assault, and evading arrest

19-year-old Tristan Williams had a domestic altercation with Natasha Lynette Simmons-Crutcher and her juvenile daughter at Revels Drive on December 11th. Her daughter stated that Williams came to her house, trying to fight her brother in the front yard, regarding an earlier incident at Wal-Mart. She stepped outside, told him to leave, and had to get in between him and her mom, who told him that he was not going to fight her son and to leave. Williams was coming at them aggressively, putting them in fear.

Then, in an unrelated incident, on December 20th, Williams was driving a white Hyundai Elantra that was seen in multiple vehicle break-ins on Oakwell Farms Lane. Andrew Smith reported that the vehicle was stolen. Officers observed the Elantra-at-large traveling down Donelson Pike, initiated a traffic stop, and pursued it until it stopped at the MDHA housing between S. 7th Street and S. 6th Street. Willams and a co-defendant exited the vehicle and fled, causing officers to chase them. Officers ran in front of the building and saw Williams on the steps without the hoodie he originally had on. They later found the hoodie by Building 19 that he threw away as he walked toward South 7th Street. They reviewed MDHA camera footage, which confirmed that Willams was the driver and was running away from the vehicle. He was Mirandized and admitted to knowing the car was stolen. A subsequent search of the vehicle yielded a window-breaking device on the floorboard and a Taurus Handgun that was reported stolen by Jameson Calloway regarding a burglary on October 15th. Williams had three outstanding warrants in Davidson County and one in Rutherford County. He was taken into custody for evading arrest, theft of a firearm, vehicle theft, possession of burglary tools, assault, trespassing, and domestic assault.

Marcus Stanton tries to steal a hellcat, leads police helicopters on chase

18-year-old Marcus Stanton was seen by the owner of a purple Hellcat pushing his vehicle away. The owner was able to locate the car through a GPS app, but Stanton was able to leave the vehicle and left in another stolen car, a white Infinity sedan. Both cars are estimated to be valued at around $80,000 combined. Stanton was also found to have three firearms, which were also confirmed to be stolen. Stanton was alerted that law enforcement helicopters were trailing him, so he ran on foot and hid from police, but he also stashed a pistol in the backyard of a place he was initially trying to hide. Stanton also had a juvenile in the car when attempting to steal the Hellcat. Stanton was taken into custody and charged with theft of property, theft of a firearm, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Keshon Woodard: sizzurp, weed, tramadol, oxycodone, fake tags, and a gun, oh my!

21-year-old Keshon Woodard was jailed on March 26th after police found several types of narcotics in his vehicle while he was parked at Victory Fuel gas station with fake temp tags. when officers approached Woodard, they saw an empty holster in his waistband and asked him if there were any weapons in the car. He replied “yes” and gave officers permission to go through his glovebox to find his car registration.

Officers opened the passenger side door and saw marijuana buds on the floor and a small plastic bag of marijuana under the seat. Officers found the gun and ran the serial numbers. The gun came back stolen out of Russellville Kentucky. Officers continued searching the vehicle and found two more bags of marijuana totaling 5.4 grams. There were five tramadol pills and one oxycodone pill tied up in a baggie. Officers found two empty bottles of promethazine syrup and one full bottle, two scales a box of sandwich bags, and another fake temp tag.

Woodard told police he doesn’t sell drugs but if he did it would only be to his friends and family. He told the police that he got the tags from the dealership he bought the car from. Once thoroughly searched officers were informed that 7 grams of marijuana were found on him inside the jail.

All My Sons Moving says employee stole “multiple firearms from multiple counties” — Devante McMillian

20-year-old Devantae McMillian is charged with felony theft of a firearm after David Beste reported two Beretta handguns worth $2600 were missing after hiring All My Sons Moving. Police contacted the company, who stated “we’ve had multiple clients reporting missing firearms over the past week both in Davidson and surrounding counties”. McMillian reportedly admitted to the thefts to his manager, and again confessed to police.

Employee leaves gun in planter outside Nissan stadium during Titans Game — Jaquilla Fitts

36-year-old Jaquilla Fitts says she left her gun in a planter outside the gates of Nissan Stadium while she went inside to work during the Titan’s game on January 2nd. Police were alerted to the presence of the gun, and after a short investigation traced it to the employee. When questioned, Fitts explained she had taken a shuttle to work and still had the gun on her, so she had nowhere else to store it, as she could not get through security with the firearm.

A records check showed the gun as reported stolen. She was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, charged with theft of a firearm, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. A commissioner set a $10,000 bond, however, she was free on pre-trial release.