Keshon Woodard: sizzurp, weed, tramadol, oxycodone, fake tags, and a gun, oh my!

21-year-old Keshon Woodard was jailed on March 26th after police found several types of narcotics in his vehicle while he was parked at Victory Fuel gas station with fake temp tags. when officers approached Woodard, they saw an empty holster in his waistband and asked him if there were any weapons in the car. He replied “yes” and gave officers permission to go through his glovebox to find his car registration.

Officers opened the passenger side door and saw marijuana buds on the floor and a small plastic bag of marijuana under the seat. Officers found the gun and ran the serial numbers. The gun came back stolen out of Russellville Kentucky. Officers continued searching the vehicle and found two more bags of marijuana totaling 5.4 grams. There were five tramadol pills and one oxycodone pill tied up in a baggie. Officers found two empty bottles of promethazine syrup and one full bottle, two scales a box of sandwich bags, and another fake temp tag.

Woodard told police he doesn’t sell drugs but if he did it would only be to his friends and family. He told the police that he got the tags from the dealership he bought the car from. Once thoroughly searched officers were informed that 7 grams of marijuana were found on him inside the jail.

DMT, Magic Mushrooms, Heroin, Nitrous Oxide, and Widespread Panic, Oh My!

Grateful Donuts Shop owner Sean Culwell came to Nashville for the Widespread Panic concert this weekend, and brought more than sweet treats with him. Metro Police found him huffing nitrous oxide with heroin,psychedelic mushrooms, DMT powder, and an assortment of other drugs.

Nashville man mail-orders drugs, MNPD delivers the package

Ashraf Nashed was arrested on Monday evening, after he accepted delivery for drugs he had ordered online from another country – and the MNPD was nice enough to make the delivery to him. Ashraf Nashed ordered 500 Tramadol pills (schedule IV), from outside the US, and had them shipped to his home address in Nashville. MNPD detectives intercepted the package and made the delivery, which was accepted by the suspect. A search warrant of the residence discovered and additional 1334 Tramadol pills inside Nashed’s vehicle, and a pill cutter, digital…

Pest Control Caught Stealing Meds from 2 Homes: Baron Coffee Arrested.

East Nashville resident Baron Coffee was arrested on Thursday, after he stole prescription meds from two different residences while performing his job as their pest control person – and he was caught in the act. On 3/8/2018 at around 0900 hours, a homeowner observed on video the her pest control person, Baron Coffee, steal some medication from her bedroom. Officers arrived on the scene and the victim advised that the defendant works for the pest company and that she observed him stealing some medication. She advised that the defendant put…