MNPD arrests woman in mental health crisis, but not husband who beat & bruised her with a belt

Metro Nashville Police Tuesday arrested a 59-year-old woman having a mental health crisis, but not her husband who admitted to knocking her over, taking his belt off and lashing her multiple times, and leaving her face severely bruised from assaulting her. Police say the man had no injuries from her alleged attacks, while she suffered severe bruising from her husband’s attack. They took the woman into custody, charging her with domestic assault.

How One MNPD Officer Turned a Mental Health Crisis Into Multiple Felonies

MNPD responded to a mental health crisis and turned a misdemeanor charge into 3 felony charges for bribery of an officer, from a defendant who was “bipolar”, “talking to herself” and suffering from a “mental disability” per their own officer’s report – increasing bail from $5,000 to $50,000.

Exclusive: The “Manifesto” of Clayton Thomas

We have obtained an exclusive copy of what many are calling the ‘manifesto’ of Clayton Thomas, who was arrested early Saturday morning. Over the past month, Clayton Thomas has taken to social media, it what some have described as a ‘manic state’ to make claims that he was being hacked, that he was in direct talk with celebrities including Lady Gaga (with whom he had a brief encounter previously), and made threats to both himself and others. This wasn’t just a handful of posts, this was dozens and dozens of…

Solved: The Clayton Thomas Hacking Mystery

1 year ago this week, we reported on a police report from the MNPD, concerning a wreck involving Clayton Thomas. One year later, over the past week, Mr. Thomas has decided to make claims he was being ‘hacked’ by various people (the ‘who’ changed daily), including East Nashville News. Tonight, we found the answer to what was REALLY going on: Clayton thought he was being ‘hacked’ because his Facebook ‘looked’ different. HE WAS USING THE MOBILE PAGE IN HIS BROWSER ( He wasn’t being hacked, he simply was using the…