Man causes scene at police station when officers can’t fix his cell phone issue — Thomas Gilmore

29-year-old Thomas Gilmore is charged with disorderly conduct after Metro Police say he walked into the Central Precinct in downtown Nashville, upset about a cell phone issue, and demanding police fix it. When they explained they would not fix his phone, he began yelling obscenities and threatened to punch the on-duty officers.

Man confronts private investigator he caught following him — Bill Whitaker arrested

54-year-old year Bill Whitaker, of Ohio, was leaving a Nashville Hotel when he noticed someone following him. He traveled just down the road to stop, and the lady following him parked across the street, waiting and watching him. Being legally armed, he drove his truck across the curb, walked up to her window, and exchanged words while holding his weapon.

The lady was a (not so discreet) beginner private investigator, named Jennifer Parker, of the Dillon Agency, who offers their services on ‘Thumbtack’ and other style websites. She claims he threatened to kill her if she didn’t stop following him, he says he thought she was a gang member stalking him. Police charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and he is free on a $2,500 bond. The Dillon Agency did not respond to multiple requests for comment prior to publication.