Michelle Brunkhorst bites woman during scuffle at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk

61-year-old Michelle Brunkhorst had an altercation with Annie Frey at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk on Broadway late May 2nd, 2023. Frey stated that she and her family were on the 2nd floor, where they could see the band performing. Frey said this was when Brunkhorst approached and started pushing her to watch the band. This sparked a scuffle, during which Brunkhorst allegedly bit Frey, causing injury. Afterward, Frey notified security and police, but Brunkhorst had left the location already. During the investigation, detectives called Brunkhorst, and she admitted to the fight but stated that Frey had started it by elbowing her. Brunkhorst added that she did not recall biting her. Frey and Brunkhorst both said they were visiting Nashville and had been drinking before the incident occurred. A warrant was issued for Brunkhorst’s arrest on November 10th, 2023. Then, Brunkhorst was taken into custody for assault on July 8th, 2024.

James Temple steals $2000 worth of merchandise from the Stahlman Building

59-year-old James Edward Temple stole several tools from the Stahlman Building between April 1st and May 9th. Temple was observed on camera taking Dewalt cordless drills and batteries, Inficon Refrigerant tools, cleaning supplies, and a pressure washer. He was working at the building for Valet Living, a third-party trash pick-up company, where he was later terminated. When management confronted him about the tools, he returned a Pressure washer, but not the same one he had stolen. The maintenance supervisor believed the tools’ value was about $2,000. A warrant was issued for his arrest on June 12th, and Temple was taken into custody for theft on June 13th.

Tristin McEwen threatens Uber driver with gun for not moving despite being in traffic

23-year-old Tristin McEwen threatened Jessica Williams, an Uber driver, at gunpoint near the Shelby Avenue A Plus gas station around 6:02 p.m. on May 3rd. Williams told officers she was stuck in traffic on the I-24 East ramp when McEwen, who was on the right side of her in a white Mazda 6, started honking his horn and screaming at her. Williams stated that McEwen then began threatening her with a black handgun. Williams said she was in fear for her safety, took a photo of him holding his firearm, and called the police. On May 9th, she positively identified McEwen via photo lineup. A warrant was issued for McEwen’s arrest that day. McEwen was taken into custody for aggravated assault on May 29th.

Lamontez Blair charged with using vehicle to strike parking attendant, knocking her out of chair

23-year-old Lamontez Blair was booked this week after he admitted to driving a vehicle that struck a person sitting in a chair who denied him entry to a parking lot at Nissan Stadium. When the incident was initially reported, Janet Lemnell was working a special event at Nissan Stadium and told Blair he could not enter that particular lot. She says he intentionally backed up and struck her with his vehicle while she was sitting in a chair, knocking her out of it. She sustained minor injuries, and the incident was witnessed by APEX security officers at the location. She provided police with the tag number, which led to Blair. He initially denied driving the vehicle that day, but later called back and said he was driving but didn’t hit her intentionally.

Ben George charged with stealing neighbor’s mattress in the Gulch

46-year-old Ben George was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with felony theft. Security video from the Infinity Lofts in the Gulch Apartments shows him taking a Nectar Mattress which was delivered to the mailroom and addressed to another resident in the building. The stolen mattress was valued at $1,200.

Nashville Booster charged in theft of almost $5,000 worth of Titans Jerseys from Pro Shop — Orlexus Elliott

23-year-old #BoosterClub member Orlexus Elliott is charged in the theft of $4,720 worth of Titans Jerseys from the pro shop on November 5th. Orlexus and another female, whose arrest is pending, entered the Titans Pro Shop at 1 Titans way earlier this month, grabbed all the jerseys they could, and fled the store, fleeing in a black Nissan Murano convertible. Nashville has a thriving underground of ‘boosters’ who steal racks of items from stores to sell online.

As soon as police initially interviewed Elliott about this theft, she removed the stolen items from her social media, where she had the jerseys listed for sale, and offered to arrange to have them returned. Police gave her time to do that, however, she never followed through. She was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Thursday, charged with felony theft. She is free on a $2,500 bond.

Man confronts private investigator he caught following him — Bill Whitaker arrested

54-year-old year Bill Whitaker, of Ohio, was leaving a Nashville Hotel when he noticed someone following him. He traveled just down the road to stop, and the lady following him parked across the street, waiting and watching him. Being legally armed, he drove his truck across the curb, walked up to her window, and exchanged words while holding his weapon.

The lady was a (not so discreet) beginner private investigator, named Jennifer Parker, of the Dillon Agency, who offers their services on ‘Thumbtack’ and other style websites. She claims he threatened to kill her if she didn’t stop following him, he says he thought she was a gang member stalking him. Police charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and he is free on a $2,500 bond. The Dillon Agency did not respond to multiple requests for comment prior to publication.