David Reed strikes parking garage manager with vehicle when line takes too long

50-year-old David Reed of Glasgow, KY, was in a parking garage on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday afternoon when the manager of the garage was controlling traffic to ensure the license plate cameras were recording each plate. Reed became angered at the slow pace and began to yell profanities out the window and honk his horn at the traffic and the manager, Brandon Mefford, who was now in front of his vehicle. Witnesses say he then yelled for the manager to “get the f*/k out of the way!” and drove forward, pushing the manager with his vehicle and continuing up the ramp without stomping, which was also documented on video. 

Mitzie Riley knocks man off motorcycle with her car in road rage incident

53-year-old Mitzie Riley was jailed on Thursday evening after police say she purposely rear-ended a motorcycle at a red light on Old Hickory Boulevard. Matthew Morrow was not injured but had visible damage to his motorcycle. Officers made contact with two third-party witnesses on the scene who stated Morrow and Riley were in a road rage incident. It seemed Riley was upset with the motorcycle weaving through traffic and purposely used her vehicle as a weapon to knock Morrow off his motorcycle.

Steffie Misner Wampler charged in road rage incident after attacking a car with her fists

Police say 38-year-old Steffie Misner Wampler was in a road rage incident with another motorist on June 14th on Centennial Blvd. She pulled alongside another vehicle that was now parked in the parking lot of a Dollar General. She began screaming and yelling at the other driver, claiming the victim cut her off in traffic. She then exited her 2013 Toyota Prius and began to bang on his vehicle with her fists, causing significant damage to his rear quarter panel. The victim recorded the incident, which was viewed by police. She was issued a citation for vandalism, which she was booked on this week.

Kenneth Hershberger charged in road rage incident with handgun

37-year-old Kenneth Hershberger was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from March 2022, charging him with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon during a March 2022 road rage incident. Kelly Baker was driving on I-24, and there was a line of traffic behind a white work truck, which was driven by Hershberger. They blew their horn at the truck to influence him to move to a slower lane of travel, and they were brake checked by the truck multiple times before eventually changing lanes. As the victim drove past the vehicle, Hershberger was reportedly pointing a handgun at them.

Bradford Millham forces wrong car off interstate in road rage incident on I-24

Police say 63-year-old Bradford Millham was driving on I-24 when he forced a BMW, driven by Rilei Hill, off the road toward an embankment and then blocked her from getting back onto the interstate, causing her to be in fear for her life. Officers arrived, and Millham stated a vehicle had struck his vehicle on the left rear side, and when he looked up, the only vehicle in his sight was the victims. The white paint transfer on his vehicle did not match the dark color of the victim’s BMW. In his road rage, Millham had identified the wrong car and forced an innocent victim off the roadway with his car. He was charged with felony aggravated assault with a vehicle (reckless endangerment) and transported to booking.

Lamontez Blair charged with using vehicle to strike parking attendant, knocking her out of chair

23-year-old Lamontez Blair was booked this week after he admitted to driving a vehicle that struck a person sitting in a chair who denied him entry to a parking lot at Nissan Stadium. When the incident was initially reported, Janet Lemnell was working a special event at Nissan Stadium and told Blair he could not enter that particular lot. She says he intentionally backed up and struck her with his vehicle while she was sitting in a chair, knocking her out of it. She sustained minor injuries, and the incident was witnessed by APEX security officers at the location. She provided police with the tag number, which led to Blair. He initially denied driving the vehicle that day, but later called back and said he was driving but didn’t hit her intentionally.

Senior Citizen Michael Peek charged with DUI downtown after midnight in odd fit of road rage

68-year-old Michael Peek was driving his vehicle just after midnight in downtown Nashville when he stopped near 400 Broadway in front of Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row and angrily exited his vehicle, stumbling in the process. As officers working the Entertainment District Initiative approached him to see what was happening, he reentered the vehicle. He admitted to having three White Russian drinks before driving and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. He would later blow a 0.136% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Downtown driver Ruchadd Bivins assaults pedestrian with jar of vaseline

35-year-old Ruchadd Bivins was booked on a summons to appear this week in a case where he is charged with an assault in downtown Nashville. On June 26th, Bivins was driving in downtown Nashville while pedestrian Katlin Nicely was walking near the end of a marked crosswalk, and he turned his vehicle, nearly hitting her. She continued properly walking down the sidewalk when Bivins turned alongside her, got out of his car, and began to yell at her. He then got back in his car and followed her as she continued to walk and once again exited his vehicle, still screaming at her. Bivens then retrieved a jar of vaseline from his car and threw it at Nicely, striking her in the chest.

August Lee Church charged in road rage incident that ended with her pulling a gun on the victim

25-year-old August Lee Church faced multiple charges after a road rage incident. Remica Brown says she was driving home from work when a person, later identified as Church, rammed her vehicle multiple times and fled to a nearby apartment complex. Remica was able to follow her and confront her, however, Church then pulled a gun and threatened to shoot her. Police eventually identified her and issued warrants for her arrest, charging her with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism.

Man charged with pointing & waving gun in Nashville road rage incident — Mark Douglas Lanier arrested

41-year-old Mark Douglas Lanier is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after troopers say he was driving a UHaul truck on a Nashville area interstate and became frustrated when he could not get into the lane and pointed and waved a handgun at another driver, who alerted authorities. He was reportedly screaming “let me the F— over” during the interaction. Lanier is free on a $7,500 cash bond.