Brandon Dotson steals $6,200 worth of items from Airbnb, tells police he knew “something was off”

31-year-old Brandon Dotson, Jaylun “Choppa” Underwood, and their friend “Rockout” Porter stole from Adam Rosenberg’s 28th Avenue North Airbnb on January 24th, 2023. On May 10th, 2023, Rosenberg told police that he had rented out a property using for the first time on January 24th, 2023. Rosenberg stated he spoke to a “Lauren Jones” who had booked it for the night. On the morning of January 25th, 2023, he noticed the guests who stayed had stolen five flat-screen TVs totaling $5,000 and two Dyson vacuum cleaners, which cost $1,200. Rosenberg said he checked the reservation and discovered that their payment did not go through, and he was given invalid information. Then, he provided officers with footage of the incident, showing Underwood backing a white Chevy Cruz into the driveway, which later returned with the plates removed. On January 25th, 2023, around 6:40 a.m., Dotson and Underwood loaded the TVs and one of the vacuums into the Chevy Cruz while Porter put the other one into a white Jeep Cherokee. Then, the men fled and left the garage door open, which was when Rosenberg realized his property had been stolen.

Officers discovered that the Chevy Cruz was registered to Underwood’s relative, Ardy Boyle, who stated Underwood primarily drove the vehicle. During a call with Dotson, he said he was at the Airbnb for what he thought was a housewarming party with Underwood and gave officers his phone number. Dotson added that he was there to cut hair, and when they woke up around 6 a.m., they told him they were moving soon so he could take some things with him. Dotson stated this is when they started loading the items into their cars. Dotson said he knew “something was off” when Underwood got upset with him for dropping one of the TVs. He stated the AR-15 he was carrying belonged to Underwood and that “Rockout” Porter was driving the Jeep Cherokee. Officers later discovered that Porter was stopped by the police on May 4th, 2023, as a passenger in the Chevy Cruz. A warrant was issued for their arrest. Dotson was taken into custody for theft and aggravated burglary on June 19th, 2024.

Ashley Young rams vehicle of her boyfriend and his co-worker in rage incident

31-year-old Ashley Young was booked this week on two outstanding felony warrants from December 2020. Police say her boyfriend, Brent Gales, was riding in a car driven by his co-worker, Taylor Means. Ashley Young was driving a black GMC Terrain when she began to follow them on Rosa Parks Blvd. When Taylor attempted to turn left, Ashley rammed into the left side of her vehicle, forcing it off the road. Ashley then circled the car three times while screaming, “What are you doing with her?” She then fled the scene. Brent was able to identify his girlfriend and her vehicle positively and was unsure why she was upset he was with a co-worker.

Tywansha Perkins charged in assault of Metro School bus driver

Video from a MNPS bus shows 36-year-old Tywansha Yvette Perkins waited for her child’s bus to drop him off and then entered the bus before any children could exit. She got in the face of the bus driver, put a finger in the driver’s face, and yelled, “Imma f*-k you up!” and continued to yell and curse and escalate the situation while the driver remained calm but afraid. The children exited around Perkins, and she then left the bus, too. Perkins was reportedly up prior video footage from the school bus proved that her son was not telling the truth when he told her the school bus driver assaulted him by shoving him and slapping candy from his hand. A judge released her on her own recognizance.

Germari Jones steals & pawns the airpods of the man he’s spending the night with

Jakir Wills says he had 19-year-old Germari Jones over to sleep at his house on September 24th & 25th. After Jones left, he was unable to locate his AirPods. Using the tracker feature, he pinpointed them to be at the Easy Pawn on Dickerson Pike. Police contacted the pawn shop, which provided a copy of the ID used to pawn the AirPods, which belonged to Gemari Jones. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Jones and was served on him Tuesday after he was in a traffic collision, and his name was run through the police database.

Casey Vordermark kicked out of Losers Bar in Nashville

25-year-old Casey Vordermark was told to leave Losers Bar in Nashville after becoming a disturbance to other guests, but refused to leave on his own. Security them escorted him outside, at which point he began to fight the security team. Officers arrived and asked the man if he would stop fighting and tell them what was happening, and he just began to yell and curse at officers with slurred words. Without hesitation, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Man arrested after being kicked out of three downtown Nashville bars — Michael Costello

23-year-old Michael Costello was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail at security at Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville informed police that Costello had been kicked out of two bars prior to being removed from their venue, and he continued to attempt to come back inside. Officers gave him the chance to walk away and go anywhere else, however, he refused and continued to argue that he was allowed inside.

Tourist too drunk for downtown Nashville — Brantley Niven arrested

25-year-old Brantley Niven was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail after causing a disturbance at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Nashville. Police say he was inside the 4th Ave. S. hotel lobby insisting he had a room. Management assured him he had no room there and was at the wrong hotel. He began loudly cursing and causing a disturbance, and a disruption to the business. Officer offered to transport him to the correct hotel, he stated “F–k you” and asked twice to be taken to jail. Left with no other options, and no one to care for him, they obliged.

“Til death do us part…” says woman as she kidnaps her wife at gunpoint & strangles her — Alexia Dunn arrested

28-year-old Alexia Dunn is charged with the aggravated kidnapping and strangulation of her wife, Quenticia, after accusing her of having a new lover while the couple is preparing to finalize their divorce. Court records indicated she pulled a handgun on her wife and stated “we gonna die tonight, till death do us part!”, grabbed her by the neck and pressed her against a wall until she went limp, smashed her phone so she was unable to call for help, and when she was able to escape to ask a neighbor for help, Alexia physically picked her up and forced her back inside the residence. Alexia Dunn is free on a $35,000 bond.

MNPD arrests woman in mental health crisis, but not husband who beat & bruised her with a belt

Metro Nashville Police Tuesday arrested a 59-year-old woman having a mental health crisis, but not her husband who admitted to knocking her over, taking his belt off and lashing her multiple times, and leaving her face severely bruised from assaulting her. Police say the man had no injuries from her alleged attacks, while she suffered severe bruising from her husband’s attack. They took the woman into custody, charging her with domestic assault.

Woman charged after bloodying boyfriend’s nose in an Uber, before she fell out of the car

23-year-old Haleigh Feri is charged with domestic assault after her boyfriend says she punched him in the nose four times while riding in an Uber after an argument, then fell out of the Uber when she tried to follow him out of the car to argue some more.