Jacob Pittman shoots uncle for stopping his suicide attempt

28-year-old Jacob Allen Pittman had a domestic altercation with his uncle, Fount Jones, mother, Jackey Jones, and brother, Chaz Anderson, at their McGavock Pike residence late March 2nd. When officers arrived, they located Fount Jones lying inside, suffering from severe and non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. Officers determined the injuries had come from Pittman, who was uncooperative as they detained him. Fount was transported to Skyline Hospital with two wounds to his left lower abdomen area and one to his left upper thigh area. Witnesses advised officers that before the shooting, Pittman was erratic and violent towards Jackey Jones, who further explained that he had pushed her down and got into her face, which was when Chaz Anderson intervened. Then, Pittman punched Anderson in the face and bit his arm. Detectives observed bite marks on Anderson’s right arm and swelling in his left eye. Officers informed that Pittman acquired the .45 Cal Revolver from the house and put it to his head in a suicidal manner. Then, as his uncle approached to try talking Pittman out of hurting himself, Pittman yelled, “Fuck you,” and shot him three times. Pittman then ran outside with the gun before eventually surrendering it to his mother. When officers were inside the home, they noticed multiple chairs out of place. Witnesses said Pittman had thrown the chairs after kicking in the door, damaging it. Fount, Jackey, and Chaz told officers they did not wish to prosecute Pittman for the incident. Pittman was taken into custody for attempted criminal homicide and two counts of domestic assault.

Derrick Gore shoots father in chest during altercation, tells him “You think I won’t shoot you?”

31-year-old Derrick Gore had a domestic altercation with Dale Gore in their apartment unit at Village on The Green on Ed Temple Boulevard in the early hours of February 29th. A witness, Ivy Moore, alerted the authorities, advising them that Dale Gore, her son, had been shot. When officers arrived, Dale was suffering from severe and non-life-threatening gunshot wounds to his right shoulder, upper right chest, and lower left abdomen. Dale was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital. Moore further explained to officers that the three of them were inside the residence on February 29th. Moore stated she heard two gunshots, walked outside, and saw Derrick pointing a gun at Dale, saying, “You think I won’t shoot you?” Moore said Derrick left before the officers arrived. Derrick Gore was taken into custody for attempted criminal homicide on March 3rd.

Kaydence Armstrong charged in Wedgewood shooting of her boyfriend

19-year-old Kaydence Armstrong confessed on New Year’s day to shooting her boyfriend, Christon Collins. Officers responded to the Wedgewood Ave apartment to find Collins with gunshot graze wounds to his left arm and right leg. The couple had been in a physical altercation earlier, but according to a witness, the argument was already over when Kaydence retrieved the gun and fired eight shots. Officers recovered the gun from her purse, along with eight spent shell casings at the scene. She remains jailed in lieu of a $100,000 bond.

David Gandy says roommate ran into his knife and “stabbed himself”

45-year-old David Gandy is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after police say he stabbed his roommate, Derek Walsh, in the chest with a knife. The victim says he was grieving over another roommate who had just died and was drinking and became increasingly upset as the night progressed. He stated he was also upset because Gandy had a drug dealer at the shared home after another roommate just died. The victim admits to busting down Gandy’s bedroom door and having a verbal argument over drug use. The victim says he then left the room and realized he had been stabbed. He says he never saw the object he was stabbed with but did hear Gandy say he was going to cut him. Gandy claims he held a pocket knife up when Walsh charged at him, and he “stabbed himself.”

Zain Sheikh charged in strangulation of cocaine case co-defendant, Kally Dobak

31-year-old Zein Sheikh was out on a $75,000 bond for cocaine charges when he was arrested again this week, now additionally charged with felony aggravated assault/strangulation of his co-defendant in the cocaine case, Kally Dobak. He also had Kally arrested for assault the week prior to them both being indicted on the cocaine charges. In the new case against Sheikh, which was captured on building security cameras, he comes into the hallway in his underwear and pulls Dobak into their apartment, placing her into a choke-hold during an argument.

Tourist shatters & destroys door at Honky Tonk Central when he can’t get inside — Jack Charrlin

24-year-old Jack Charrlin, of Highland Park, IL, is charged with felony vandalism after police say he pounded on the glass door side exit door of Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville until it was completely shattered and destroyed. Bouncer Brandon Valentin says Charrlin was pulling on the exit door from the outside, increasingly becoming more agitated he could not enter through the side door.

Charrlin eventually started hitting the door until it shattered. He was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail and is free on a $3,500 cash bond.

“Til death do us part…” says woman as she kidnaps her wife at gunpoint & strangles her — Alexia Dunn arrested

28-year-old Alexia Dunn is charged with the aggravated kidnapping and strangulation of her wife, Quenticia, after accusing her of having a new lover while the couple is preparing to finalize their divorce. Court records indicated she pulled a handgun on her wife and stated “we gonna die tonight, till death do us part!”, grabbed her by the neck and pressed her against a wall until she went limp, smashed her phone so she was unable to call for help, and when she was able to escape to ask a neighbor for help, Alexia physically picked her up and forced her back inside the residence. Alexia Dunn is free on a $35,000 bond.