Jacob Pittman shoots uncle for stopping his suicide attempt

28-year-old Jacob Allen Pittman had a domestic altercation with his uncle, Fount Jones, mother, Jackey Jones, and brother, Chaz Anderson, at their McGavock Pike residence late March 2nd. When officers arrived, they located Fount Jones lying inside, suffering from severe and non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. Officers determined the injuries had come from Pittman, who was uncooperative as they detained him. Fount was transported to Skyline Hospital with two wounds to his left lower abdomen area and one to his left upper thigh area. Witnesses advised officers that before the shooting, Pittman was erratic and violent towards Jackey Jones, who further explained that he had pushed her down and got into her face, which was when Chaz Anderson intervened. Then, Pittman punched Anderson in the face and bit his arm. Detectives observed bite marks on Anderson’s right arm and swelling in his left eye. Officers informed that Pittman acquired the .45 Cal Revolver from the house and put it to his head in a suicidal manner. Then, as his uncle approached to try talking Pittman out of hurting himself, Pittman yelled, “Fuck you,” and shot him three times. Pittman then ran outside with the gun before eventually surrendering it to his mother. When officers were inside the home, they noticed multiple chairs out of place. Witnesses said Pittman had thrown the chairs after kicking in the door, damaging it. Fount, Jackey, and Chaz told officers they did not wish to prosecute Pittman for the incident. Pittman was taken into custody for attempted criminal homicide and two counts of domestic assault.

Derrick Gore shoots father in chest during altercation, tells him “You think I won’t shoot you?”

31-year-old Derrick Gore had a domestic altercation with Dale Gore in their apartment unit at Village on The Green on Ed Temple Boulevard in the early hours of February 29th. A witness, Ivy Moore, alerted the authorities, advising them that Dale Gore, her son, had been shot. When officers arrived, Dale was suffering from severe and non-life-threatening gunshot wounds to his right shoulder, upper right chest, and lower left abdomen. Dale was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital. Moore further explained to officers that the three of them were inside the residence on February 29th. Moore stated she heard two gunshots, walked outside, and saw Derrick pointing a gun at Dale, saying, “You think I won’t shoot you?” Moore said Derrick left before the officers arrived. Derrick Gore was taken into custody for attempted criminal homicide on March 3rd.

Man fires at ex while she and her children are in their vehicle; tries again a few hours later

29-year-old Raphael Hughes was charged with two counts of attempted homicide and two counts of child endangerment after shooting at his ex and chasing her down in her own vehicle.

Man hospitalizes ex’s new boyfriend when he answers the door

45-year-old Ricky Buford was charged with attempted criminal homicide after he stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend, Willie Alred, multiple times in the arm, head, and lung.

Woman reportedly stabs boyfriend & leaves hospital before speaking with authorities

feat Wade Samantha

32-year-old Samantha Wade was charged with attempted criminal homicide after a witness had to transport her boyfriend to Vandy with a stab wound in his chest.

Father threatens to kill mother and children, says “Now that is how you break up with someone!”

25-year-old Anton Rucker was charged with attempted criminal homicide, three counts of especially aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, and interference with a 911 call after he held a handgun to his child’s mother’s head while driving, threatened to kill her and the children, and then beat and strangled her in an alley before stealing her phone and money.