Ashley Young rams vehicle of her boyfriend and his co-worker in rage incident

31-year-old Ashley Young was booked this week on two outstanding felony warrants from December 2020. Police say her boyfriend, Brent Gales, was riding in a car driven by his co-worker, Taylor Means. Ashley Young was driving a black GMC Terrain when she began to follow them on Rosa Parks Blvd. When Taylor attempted to turn left, Ashley rammed into the left side of her vehicle, forcing it off the road. Ashley then circled the car three times while screaming, “What are you doing with her?” She then fled the scene. Brent was able to identify his girlfriend and her vehicle positively and was unsure why she was upset he was with a co-worker.

“Yeah, I bit him right there in the jaw”, says Ashley Young to Metro Police

According to a police report, the female subject, identified as Ashley J. Young, 31, came into a room the pair shared, began yelling at the victim about various things, then bit him on his face, punched him in his throat, and kicked him, striking his penis and testicles.