“Yeah, I bit him right there in the jaw”, says Ashley Young to Metro Police

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Metro Police responded to a call about a fight between a male and female in the 4400 block of Tennessee Avenue at 12:14 a.m. Tuesday morning. The male victim, who was bleeding from his face, flagged down the officer as he arrived in the parking lot of the location.

According to a police report, the female subject, identified as Ashley J. Young, 31, came into a room the pair shared, began yelling at the victim about various things, bit him on his face, punched him in his throat, and kicked him, striking his penis and testicles.

Ashley Young (MNPD)

The victim was transported to the hospital for his injuries. Police say Ashley Young told them the argument was over her using her phone, and wanting the victim to move out, and that she told them “Yeah, I bit him right there in the jaw.” The victim told police they pair had been dating for about a month, and he occasionally stays at the residence with her. Young says the pair are not dating, but do live together.  Young was charged with domestic assault, and posted a $1,000 bond Thursday.

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