MNPD arrests woman in mental health crisis, but not husband who beat & bruised her with a belt

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Metro Nashville Police Tuesday arrested a 59-year-old woman having a mental health crisis, but not her husband who admitted to knocking her over, taking his belt off and lashing her multiple times, and leaving her face severely bruised from assaulting her. Police say the man had no injuries from her alleged attacks, while she suffered severe bruising from her husband’s attack. They took the woman into custody, charging her with domestic assault.

Metro Nashville Police responded to 3279 Hinkle Drive at 9:40 p.m. Tuesday to a report of a domestic disturbance. Police found two people at the home husband & wife, John & Ethel Smith. John reported to officers that his wife had mental health issues, and was recently released from the hospital. He told police that Ethel saw him go into his room and go angry as she believed he was keeping the body of a dead woman in his closet in the room. He says she yelled and hit him and attacked him because of what she believed he was doing.

Ethel Smith (MNPD)
Ethel Smith (MNPD)

John told police that he pushed her over causing her to fall on the floor, had time to take off his belt and lash her with it 3-4 times at one point, and then hit her multiple times. James did not sustain any injuries from the alleged assault upon him, however, he left his wife with severe bruising, including across the left side of her face. Police noted these findings on the report. Metro Nashville Police Officer Mary Hall determined Ethel Hall to be the primary aggressor, and took her into custody, charging her with domestic assault. The husband was offered counseling, an order of protection, and shelter, but refused all services.

Ethel Smith was booked into the Metro Nashville jail, where she later posted a $1,000 bond after serving the state-mandated 12-hour hold for domestic assault charges. She is scheduled to appear in court in August.

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  1. DDDDDuane

    59yo? Looks about 80…..

  2. Jeremy

    Metro PD. Sure there is good reason. But damn… belt and bruises

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