Man robs his mother of her tax refund with a gun to her head

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24-year-old Austin Travis Pulley is charged with felony aggravated robbery after he held a gun to his mother’s head and demanded her H&R Block tax refund card. When she didn’t oblige, he struck her on the right side of her face, took the card from her wallet, and fled the residence.

Austin Pulley, 24, lives with his mother in Nashville. On March 20, police responded to the shared residence to find his mother visibly distraught, and in fear for her safety. Officers found her with an injury to the right side of her face, which is where her son had just assaulted her after holding a gun to her head and demanding the card on which her tax refund money had been loaded. It was a Saturday, and the incident happened just after 5 p.m. while she was sitting at the kitchen table.

Austin Pulley (MNPD)
Austin Pulley (MNPD)

She says it began as a verbal argument, with Austin asking her to give him the card issued by H&R Block with the money on it, but she refused. Moments later, the son brandished a handgun and held it to his mother’s head, demanding “give me your damn card!”, but she told her son to leave her alone. Austin then struck his mother in the head and right side of her face, once again making demands for the card. While still brandishing the handgun, Austin found the car in her wallet and fled the scene.

Four days later, on March 24th, Austin Travis Pulley was booked into the Metro Nashville jail, charged with felony aggravated robbery. He remains jailed in lieu of a $75,000 bond. This was his first arrest in Nashville.

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One Thought to “Man robs his mother of her tax refund with a gun to her head”

  1. Anonymous

    You may want to correct the last line on your post. I can assure you this was not his first arrest. I know he’s spent extended periods of time locked up as a juvenile and had run-ins with the law consistently since childhood. He’s lucky he didn’t kill his mother. She’s in extremely poor health and very feeble (which is also a result of drug use). He’s even luckier that he’s alive given his track record. He was selling dope for the neighborhood coke dealer at 15 and I know of many instances he shouldn’t have made it out. Most of which was him owing money to the wrong people. He’s been kidnapped, beat up, robbed, you name it.

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