Daylon Franklin booked on multiple outstanding citations after February crash

27-year-old Daylon Franklin Was booked last week on citations from February 24th, 2023, after he caused a car accident on Bell Road/ Murfreesboro Pike. When the police ran his license, it came back suspended. When they ran his tags, his registration returned as not on file, showing that the VIN attached to the car should have a different tag. He was issued multiple citations and failed to self-book on them, resulting in warrants being issued for his arrest.

Dawaun Ransom busted with ‘purp,’ crystal meth, and a handgun

32-year-old Dawaun Ransom was jailed on March 31st after he was seen making a hand-to-hand drug transaction out of his red dodge challenger around Stewarts Ferry Pike. Ransom made two right turns without signaling, and a traffic stop was made in the Bell Road parking lot. When police asked him if there were any drugs or firearms in the vehicle, he told them that he smoked weed and there were roaches in a cup in the center console area. Ransom was detained, and the vehicle search yielded 30 grams of “purp” (purple fentanyl/ heroin) wrapped in 1 gram aluminum foil packages for resale, 5.6 grams of meth, one scale, and 1 Taurus G3 9mm handgun.

DUI: Cameron Sathngam crashes into stranger’s car & garage — blows .241% BAC

30-year-old Cameron Sathngam drove his 2006 Nissan Maxima into a stranger’s driveway at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, striking their parked vehicle and colliding with their garage door. Officers arrived and noted his extreme level of intoxication. Cameron stated, “I just hit the car,” but could not recall any events that led up to the crash. He attempted to hand officers his credit card when asked for his proof of insurance. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a 0.241% BAC on a breathalyzer — more than triple the legal limit.

Bridgett Eakin whipped her girlfriend with keyboard cord during argument, per report

Michaela Richardson told police her girlfriend, 28-year-old Bridgett Nicole Eakin, whipped her on the hip/thigh area with a keyboard cord while yelling “get the fuck over it” as the two were arguing late Tuesday night. Richardson had just returned from the store to find Eaken upset and throwing things in the apartment. Eakin reportedly said she’d break her own things if she wanted and took a computer keyboard and began smashing it along the wall in the hall. When Eakin demanded she stop, she reportedly grabbed the attached cord and whipped her girlfriend with it. Eakin told police she didn’t hit the victim on purpose but did leave a visible injury.

Darius Perry says he’s “sorry” about firing handgun into apartment above

21-year-old Darius Perry was in an argument with a female at the Burning Tree Apartments when he brandished a handgun, pointed it at the ceiling, and fired it into the apartment above, which was occupied. He stated “sorry” as he fled before police arrived. He was taken into custody later that same evening.

Man robs his mother of her tax refund with a gun to her head

24-year-old Austin Travis Pulley is charged with felony aggravated robbery after he held a gun to his mother’s head and demanded her H&R Block tax refund card. When she didn’t oblige, he struck her on the right side of her face, took the card from her wallet, and fled the residence.