Man robs his mother of her tax refund with a gun to her head

24-year-old Austin Travis Pulley is charged with felony aggravated robbery after he held a gun to his mother’s head and demanded her H&R Block tax refund card. When she didn’t oblige, he struck her on the right side of her face, took the card from her wallet, and fled the residence.

Man threatens Clarksville woman’s life for snitching on Oxygen’s “Criminal Confessions”

33-year-old Thomas Albright was charged with aggravated assault for pointing a handgun and threatening to shoot a woman while calling her a snitch. She believed he may have been referring to her being on the Oxygen television show “Criminal Confessions.”

Mother bangs infant’s body on walls when running from police, high on meth

28-year-old Hunter Frazier was charged for running away from police with her four-month-old in her arms and then resisting when police caught her, telling them that she was high on methamphetamine. She bit an officer, drew blood, and told police that she saw people that were not there.

Today’s Most Petty Arrest: Andrew Dempsey Sets Fire to Mother’s Journal

Every so often we bring you petty arrests, such as silly arrests for playing dice, but today’s is a brand new level of petty, and this time it’s the defendant’s pettiness that earns the petty badge. Andrew Dempsey‘s mother had him arrested on Tuesday for lighting the corner of her writing journal on fire during an argument about laundry. Dempsey, 26, lives with his mother in Nashville. Dempsey is an aspiring personal trainer, and operates under his brand ‘All-Day Strength‘.   According to the MNPD, the defendant and his mother,…