Today’s Most Petty Arrest: Andrew Dempsey Sets Fire to Mother’s Journal

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Every so often we bring you petty arrests, such as silly arrests for playing dice, but today’s is a brand new level of petty, and this time it’s the defendant’s pettiness that earns the petty badge. Andrew Dempsey‘s mother had him arrested on Tuesday for lighting the corner of her writing journal on fire during an argument about laundry. Dempsey, 26, lives with his mother in Nashville. Dempsey is an aspiring personal trainer, and operates under his brand ‘All-Day Strength‘.


According to the MNPD, the defendant and his mother, the victim, live together in Davidson County. While at the residence today, an argument ensued about laundry. During the argument the victim was writing in her journal. The defendant admitted to grabbing the journal from the victim and attempting to light the journal on fire. This resulted in the bottom right corner of the journal being burned and damaged. The value of the journal was $10.

Dempsey was released on his own recognizance, and is scheduled to appear in court on 10/03/17.




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