Drunk man with gun threatens to kill store clerk, police let him walk away, he then assaults roommate — Shabazz Mallison

26-year-old Shabazz Mallison is jailed in lieu of a $72,000 bond after police had two interactions with him Wednesday. Officers first encountered him at a South Nashville 7-Eleven when he threatened to fight and kill the clerk. He was released from the scene after the clerk chose to not press charges.

One hour later, police were called to his home where they encountered him armed with a handgun on the front porch, yelling for cops to “shoot me! shoot me!” while waving the gun around. He had threatened a roommate, Shameka Watson, and another woman with a gun while pointing the laser sight at them. During the argument he reportedly also threw a Yankee candle at her, leaving wax on her face, and she used a chicken pan on him in self-defense.

Mallison is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, reckless endangerment/assault, and possession of a handgun under the influence.

Today’s Most Petty Arrest: Andrew Dempsey Sets Fire to Mother’s Journal

Every so often we bring you petty arrests, such as silly arrests for playing dice, but today’s is a brand new level of petty, and this time it’s the defendant’s pettiness that earns the petty badge. Andrew Dempsey‘s mother had him arrested on Tuesday for lighting the corner of her writing journal on fire during an argument about laundry. Dempsey, 26, lives with his mother in Nashville. Dempsey is an aspiring personal trainer, and operates under his brand ‘All-Day Strength‘.   According to the MNPD, the defendant and his mother,…