Man threatens Clarksville woman’s life for snitching on Oxygen’s “Criminal Confessions”

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33-year-old Thomas Albright was charged with aggravated assault for pointing a handgun and threatening to shoot a woman while calling her a snitch. She believed he may have been referring to her being on the Oxygen television show “Criminal Confessions.”

On August 8th, Officer Hankins spoke to the victim, Satara Ealum, of an aggravated assault that took place in Lincoln Homes. The officer met her at her residence located at 52 Ladd Drive when she said that the defendant, Thomas Albright AKA “Boosie or Bossie” approached her. She went on to say that when he did approach her while she was walking down Ladd Drive, he pulled out a handgun, pointed it at her, and threatened to kill her.

Thomas Albright (MCSO)
Thomas Albright (MCSO)

She stated that he called her a snitch, and thinks he said this based on an interview she did on the Oxygen television network. The interview was about a man named Lee Watts who killed his mother, Ethel Adamson, in 2013 for crack money. She participated in part of the show that discussed the investigation when he was charged with first-degree murder. He has also given her problems before this, according to the report.

On August 11th, Thomas Albright was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and had other warrants for contempt, DUI, reckless driving, and convicted felon going armed. His bond was set at $37,000.

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