Whip-It Canister & 100+ empty cartridges found in lap of man passed out behind the wheel #IWantMyLawyer

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34-year-old Nicholas Beaty was found passed out behind the wheel of a white Mini Cooper with a whip-it canister and over 100 empty cartridges in his lap and front seat area of the vehicle. The keys were in the ignition and the music was blaring. To his right sat two empty Bud Light Lime bottles. Police say he was “angry, agitated, and dazed” when they shook him awake, and refused each and every question, simply demanding his lawyer.

Metro police responded to the call on March 17th at 2:08 p.m. at 4004 Hillsboro pike, as a concerned citizen noticed Beaty slumped over the wheel. Officers found him unresponsive and yelled for him to wake up and acknowledge there were speaking to him. Shaking his shoulder eventually got him alert enough to get out of his vehicle, at which time he refused to answer any questions and repeatedly demanded his lawyer. A search warrant was granted for a blood draw, which was conducted at Metro General without incident.

Nicholas Beaty (MNPD)
Nicholas Beaty (MNPD)

Nicholas Beaty was booked into the Metro Nashville jail on March 17th, charged with DUI 2nd offense, toxic vapors, and violation of the implied consent law. He was freed on pre-trial release.
NOTE: In the CJIS system, Beaty is booked as “Nicholas Braty” as his name was misspelled during booking, and became part of the record. / OCA: 313785

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