Whip-It Canister & 100+ empty cartridges found in lap of man passed out behind the wheel #IWantMyLawyer

34-year-old Nicholas Beaty was found passed out behind the wheel of a white Mini Cooper with a whip-it canister and over 100 empty cartridges in his lap and front seat area of the vehicle. The keys were in the ignition and the music was blaring. To his right sat two empty Bud Light Lime bottles. Police say he was “angry, agitated, and dazed” when they shook him awake, and refused each and every question, simply demanding his lawyer.

Woman charged with DUI after almost hitting a pedestrian and refusing sobriety tests

60-year-old Desiree Pace was charged with driving under the influence and complied consent after swerving down Sweetbriar Avenue on a flat tire and almost hitting a pedestrian. On March 4th, officers responded to a call on Sweetbriar Avenue after two witnesses observed a vehicle with a flat tire swerving and almost hitting a pedestrian. The witnesses told police they were able to convince the driver, identified as Desiree Pace, to pull over so they could change her flat tire. When officers arrived, they observed Desiree passed out in the driver’s…

20-year-old w/gun arrested at JT Moore Middle School

An observant parent was the first to noticed that 20-year-old Joshua Sawyers had a handgun in his jacket pocket at JT Moore middle School on Tuesday as kids were getting into their parent’s cars at afternoon pickup. He is currently held in lieu of a $5,000 bond.