Man admits to inflating price of LSD for “drunk college girls” after being found with 20 hits of acid

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25-year-old Dallas Lee Burke is held on a $54,500 bond after he crashed his vehicle and inside officers found 20 hits of acid (LSD), empty and full beer cans, and marijuana. Burke admitted to selling hits of acid, but not making it, though officers noted a unique tattoo on his arm, which he disclosed was the “scientific formula for acid”, according to an affidavit.

Metro Nashville Police responded to a crash on March 24th at 10:16 p.m. at the intersection of Stewarts Ferry Pike and I-40, where they found Dallas Burke standing next to the other vehicle involved in the accident. Burke had been driving his father’s vehicle and was reported to have an altered mental status along with staggering and slurring his speech. Officers located a plastic bag with four beer cans, two empty, two full, in the debris field, at which time Burke said “Yeah, those are mine, I had two beers”.

Inside the vehicle, officers observed some marijuana ‘shake’, a pipe, a grinder, a scale, and a mostly smoked blunt in the ashtray that was still warm. Officers asked if there was anything inside the vehicle that would be dangerous to them during a search, and Burke replied “Yeah, acid”, and told them where it was located. During the search, a foil packet was located in the built-in sunglasses holder, and inside the foil packet, officers discovered a small piece of colored paper, perforated into 20 sections, which tested positive for LSD, more commonly known as ‘acid’.

Dallas Burke (MNPD)
Dallas Burke (MNPD)

Burke had a conversation with officers, during which he requested to be given a blood test, specifying that he had not taken any of the acid, only that he had “smoked a little weed, and had two beers”. He was asked if he made the tabs of acid for personal use, and Burke replied “No, I don’t make them, I just sell them”. When asked how much they went for, he specified he could sell them for “$20 a tab, but sometimes more if you sell to the right people…” who he further clarified to be “drunk college girls”. Officers observed a “complicated scientific formula” tattooed on Burke’s forearm, and when asked about it, Burke disclosed it was the formula for acid.

Dallas Burke was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, where he was charged with possession of LSD with intent to distribute ($50K bond), drug possession ($1K bond), drug paraphernalia ($1K bond), driving under the influence ($2,500 bond), and violation of the open container law. Tonight, Burke remains jailed in lieu of a $54,500 bond.

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