Teen strangles father in argument over toilet paper — Kevin Searcy III arrested

18-year-old Kevin Searcy III is charged with the domestic assault of his father, Kevin Searcy Jr., after a fight that court records and witness statements show was over toilet paper. The 18-year-old reportedly punched and kicked his father all over his body, and strangled him before a witness attempted to pull him off the victim. Officers documented injures on the victim, including marks from the 18-year-old’s nails from during the strangulation. Searcy is free on a $2,500 bond.

Man chases neighbor with traffic cone, throws game controller at cop — Kevin Sullivan

MNPD Officer Gregory Scott charged 30-year-old Kevin Sullivan with assault of an officer when he says Sullivan threw a video game controller at him during a mental health crisis, and while it did not hit him, he states he was “in fear of being hurt by the object”. Sullivan was also charged with vandalism after breaking a neighbor’s windshield with a piece of furniture, and another assault charge when he threatened to shoot the same neighbor, who says he was in fear he would follow through with the threat. Sullivan remains jailed in lieu of a $2,500 bond.