Karina Medina charged in DUI and dramatic domestic assault of family

26-year-old Karina Medina reportedly drove to her mother’s house drunk, tussled with her brother, and told police that he threatened her and her mother’s life. On July 27th, around 6:30 pm, police arrived at Sam Boney Dr. after receiving a call from a hysterical, yelling woman, saying that someone was trying to kill her. They arrived and met Karina, sitting in her boyfriend’s running Jeep outside, with empty airplane alcohol bottles inside, and she smelled strongly of alcohol. Karina was uncooperative and hysterical, with a cut on her forehead. She kept trying to push past the police to reenter the house.

Inside the home, police spoke to her mother, Rose Castillo, who said that Karian had arrived to pick up her mail. Rose said that she told her to stay outside while she grabbed something for Karina inside due to her not residing at that house. Karina ignored Rose and entered the home; Jorge, the victim is Karina’s brother, was in the shower. A comment was made by Karina about Jorge’s son, and he retorted that she did not care about his son, which caused Karina to grab him out of the shower. She pulled him out of the shower, hit him, and they fell into the hallway, where she positioned herself on top of him. Jorge regained control by getting on top of Karina and holding her down with his leg across her stomach to keep her from causing further injury to him or herself.

Karina told police that she resides in and owns the home; further investigation proved to police that she lives in another residence with her boyfriend. She also told police that Jorge grabbed, strangled, and fought with her until they fell out of the front door, but no injuries were consistent with these claims. She was transported to Vanderbilt for her injury, during which time police said that she changed her story several times and that there is a history of domestic violence between her and Jorge. After police checked the records, they found no cases of domestic violence between the two of them or with their mother. Rose and Jorge’s accounts of the incident, coupled with Karina’s hysterical behavior, caused police to believe that she was the primary aggressor.

Dylan Estes breaks girlfriend’s laptop in half during argument over phone

18-year-old Dylan Estes was charged with vandalism on December 29th. According to police, Dylan was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend/roommate, Jamie Thompson, over the fact that Jamie wouldn’t return his cell phone, and he became so frustrated he grabbed her laptop and broke it in half, which was observed by police.

Omarion Wright charged after busting windshield of boyfriend’s car while he was seeking an order of protection

19-year-old Omarion Wright and his boyfriend, Isaiah McDaniel, who have made prior Scoop: Nashville appearances for their relationship antics, had a domestic disturbance in March, which resulted in Isaiah going downtown to seek an order of protection. While he was seeking assistance with that endeavor, Omarian reportedly came to his home and smashed the windshield of his vehicle, which was observed by multiple witnesses. There was a female that accompanied Omarion to the location and also participated in the vandalism. Wright reportedly used a car mirror tied to a rope to vandalize the windshield. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked on that warrant this week.