Man charged for attacking grandmother because he wasn’t allowed to use the car, per report

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23-year-old Tyler Richardson was charged with domestic assault after he grabbed his grandmother and told her “you’ll pay, you’ll pay!” because he was upset that his uncle wouldn’t let him use the car while intoxicated.

On April 16th, officers were dispatched to 2551 Hibbitts Road in reference to a domestic assault. Upon arrival, officers observed Tyler Richardson in the front yard being held down by his uncle Casey Kolb. Standing nearby were Tyler’s grandmother, Lydia Kolb, and his aunt, Heather Sanders.

Tyler Richardson (MNPD)

According to the affidavit, when officers separated them, Tyler was heard saying “I already know I’m going to jail”. Officers observed Tyler showing many signs of impairment and admitted to drinking vodka.

Officers spoke with Tyler’s family members and all reported the same story. Tyler was upset because his uncle would not let him drive the car due to his level of intoxication. Heather stated she told Lydia to call the police because the argument between Tyler and Casey was getting heated. They continued by saying as Lydia started going into the house, Tyler went behind her and grabbed her saying “you’ll pay, you’ll pay” while holding her. Lydia told officers she was afraid Tyler was going to drop her onto the sidewalk. When this happened, Casey ran over to pull Tyler off her and held him down until police arrived.

Tyler Richardson was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $2,000.

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