Woman whacks sister’s assailant in back with bat

27-year-old Coreysha Brown was charged with vandalism and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when she took a bat to the home of a woman who had been involved in an incident with her sister earlier in the day.

Nashville rapper charged after her parents say she punched her mother in the face

24-year-old Latanya McDonald was charged with domestic assault after she wrestled with and punched her mother in the face because she wasn’t allowed in her parents’ home.

Woman charged for stabbing boyfriend with a knife, per report

34-year-old Maria Machigua-Turcios was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after her boyfriend reported to police that she had stabbed him with a knife.

Nashville man charged after admitting to police that he drank “a lot of alcohol”, per report

40-year-old Kenneth Brinley was charged with public intoxication after police were called to Whole Foods Market on Broadway for a fight in progress and he admitted to consuming “a lot of alcohol” to officers.

Nashville man charged for assault with a deadly weapon after two separate incidents

29-year-old Antonio Boykin was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from two separate incidents at two different locations, both involving a sharp object.

Teen tricks ex-boyfriend with noodles to get his phone, uses it to assault him, per report

19-year-old Angelique Watson was charged with domestic assault when she used a ruse of borrowing noodles to lift her child’s father’s cell phone. When he asked for it back she told him to meet her outside, where she proceeded to wallop him.

Woman accused of shooting, sucker punching and threatening with a brick; charges later dismissed

20-year-old Kevinique Lawrence was charged with domestic assault and assault with a deadly weapon after Laquanashaneacia Leach accused her of punching her nose, shooting at her and her sister twice from a car and threatening her with a brick.

Man gets upset about wine; bites and chokes girlfriend, says “I could kill ya’ll but…I love you”

38-year-old Peaque Andrews was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, domestic assault and strangulation when his girlfriend didn’t bring home wine and she says he strangled and bit her then threatened her with a knife while telling her he loved her.

Footage reveals woman chasing, spraying a man with mace in homeless shelter parking lot, per report

48-year-old Lersharn Dailey was charged with assault after a man reported her for spraying him with mace in the parking lot of a homeless outreach establishment.

West Nashville man charged for smacking, pistol-whipping his children’s mother 2 days in a row

36-year-old Kenneth Swindell was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic assault after his children’s mother reported that he assaulted her two days in a row, one incident involved a pistol-whipping and death threat.