Woman accused of shooting, sucker punching and threatening with a brick; charges later dismissed

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20-year-old Kevinique Lawrence was charged with domestic assault and assault with a deadly weapon after Laquanashaneacia Leach accused her of punching her nose, shooting at her and her sister twice from a car and threatening her with a brick.

On March 19th, officers were called to Ewing Drive and Brick Church for a shooting, en-route the location was adjusted to 3507 Brookway Drive. According to the affidavits, officers met with Laquanashaneacia Leach who told them she picked Kevinique Lawrence up at around 1:00 p.m. from Metro PCS to give her a ride home. When Lawrence demanded to be home by a certain time Laquanashaneacia retorted “This is my car, you’re on my time” and Lawrence responded by punching her in the nose. Laquanashaneacia pulled over about a block from the pick-up and returned blows ultimately pushing Lawrence out of the vehicle and departing. Next, Lawrence called the victim threatening to “shoot up” her house.

Kevinique Lawrence (MNPD)
Kevinique Lawrence (MNPD)

She stated she drove home to wait for Lawrence to show up and her sister Tiana Anderson called to inform her that she had been in an altercation with Kevinique and her sister outside the Metro PCS. Laquanashaneacia drove to retrieve Tiana and on their return to her residence, realized two cars were following her. At this point, Kevinique called again telling Laquanashaneacia to pull over then leaned out the window and fired three shots before fleeing. Laquanashaneacia decided she might know where Kevinique was staying and went there to confront her.

Upon arrival, Laquanashaneacia says a red car drove past her and Tiana trying to shoot them. After telling Tiana to call the police, Laquanashaneacia chased the red car on foot, they pulled over and Kevinique exited the vehicle. Kevinique was approaching Laquanashaneacia with a brick in her hand when she heard the police coming and retreated.

On April 2nd, Kevinique Lawrence was arrested and charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her bond was set at $20,000. Both charges were later dismissed on April 8th.

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