Teen tricks ex-boyfriend with noodles to get his phone, uses it to assault him, per report

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19-year-old Angelique Watson was charged with domestic assault when she used a ruse of borrowing noodles to lift her child’s father’s cell phone. When he asked for it back she told him to meet her outside, where she proceeded to wallop him.

On April 19th, Brandon Spivey told officers his ex-girlfriend and child’s mother Angelique Watson came to his home at around 1:00 p.m. to ask for a pack of noodles. The pair live in the same complex in separate apartments. According to the affidavit, while she retrieved the noodles she also swiped his cell phone and departed.

Angelique Watson (MNPD)
Angelique Watson (MNPD)

After approximately 3.5 hours Watson returned and told him to come out and get his phone, at which point she attacked him. Mr. Spivey attested Angelique punched him in the face and continued to wallop him at least ten more times. She also proceeded to kick him until neighbors stepped in and pulled her away. Watson fled in a vehicle and officers noted that Mr. Spivey exhibited visible injuries.

Angelique Watson was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $1,000.

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