Mason Cunningham shoves girlfriend’s face into fence during argument

25-year-old Mason Gray Cunningham had a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Mary Eatherly, outside of the Freebird store on 2nd Avenue North early December 31st. Officers observed Cunningham shove Eatherly’s face into the fence, causing her to fall. Then he picked her up by the armpits and slammed her back onto the ground. Cunningham was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Jalan Armstrong kicks, punches, strangles girlfriend after she goes through his phone

25-year-old Jalan Armstrong allegedly struck his lover after she went through his phone. Whitney Gama, Jalan’s girlfriend, spoke to police after they were called to her and Jalan’s apartment at Easton Apartments. She told police that earlier that day, on August 10th, she went through Jalan’s phone, saw text messages from another woman, and confronted him about it. She said he snatched his phone from her and pushed her face into a pillow, causing her to struggle to breathe. Jalan then punched her several times in the face and head. Also, he threatened to hit her with his pistol, but she said she could not tell if he had it on his person. She said that she knew he owned one. Then, she said, he let her up, and kicked her in the legs when she attempted to leave, causing her to fall, but eventually left the room. During the altercation, Whitney was face timing a family member who could not see anything but thought they heard a gun cock. Police reported that Whitney’s lip was busted and had bruising on her face and ear. Jalan was placed under arrest due to her visible injuries for aggravated assault.

Man uses 12-inch weapon to slash another man he had over for “dinner & drinks” who he says ‘went crazy’ — Jorge Gutierrez Iglesias

52-year-old Jorge Gutierrez Iglesias invited Roberto Mendoza over for “dinner and drinks” Saturday evening, and at some point he says his dinner guest just “went crazy”, forcing him to slash at him with a 12-inch kitchen knife, leaving the victim with a deep gash in his right arm and swelling beneath his eye, and a cut on his wrist. Police say both parties were “heavily intoxicated” and neither would give a true explanation for what happened or any attempt to justify the assault. Iglesias is free on a $10,000 bond.

“Some weed, coke, vodka, & lean”, says William Evans when asked if he’s ingested any drugs today

“Some weed, some coke, some vodka, and some lean…” that was the response of 25-year-old William Evans when police ask if he was on any drugs when they found him pulling on door handles and running through back yards, noting he had extremely chapped and foamy lips. He was charged with public intoxication and transported to booking, where the charge was later dismissed.⠀

Nashville man chases ex telling her that he will never stop coming after her

63-year-old Gerald Richard’s ex-girlfriend filed a report against him last week for threatening to burn her tent down. Now he was charged with a violation of an order of protection by chasing her and telling her that he will never stop coming for her.

Nashville man charged for assault with a deadly weapon after two separate incidents

29-year-old Antonio Boykin was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from two separate incidents at two different locations, both involving a sharp object.