Richard Fletcher punches man, destroys his back windshield during road rage incident

21-year-old Richard Fletcher had a road rage incident with Hany Farouk Gerges at the Dover Glen Drive and Murfreesboro Pike intersection on December 22nd, 2023. Gerges called 911 for assistance, advising them that another subject, later identified as Fletcher, had stopped short in the middle of the road, preventing him from pulling into a parking lot. Fletcher exited his car, approached Gerges, and exchanged profanities with him. Then, according to Gerges, Fletcher started to remove the plastic covering of the driver’s side door, so to prevent further damage, he exited his car and continued to exchange words with him. Fletcher threatened him, saying, “I will beat your ass!” and then he opened the door completely, stepped towards Gerges, and punched him in the stomach. Gerges used his pepper spray and fled the scene, during which Fletcher smashed Gerges’ back window with his arm. Fletcher was located at a nearby emergency room, where he was interviewed and confirmed he was at the location and had been pepper sprayed by Gerges. Fletcher was taken into custody for vandalism and assault on March 4th.

Security Guard Stephen Patterson jailed for making improper ‘arrest,’ breaking into man’s home

22-year-old Stephen Patterson, a fully licensed security guard since September 2022 at Avana South Oaks apartment complex, “arrested” a man for DUI. Police responded to the apartment complex and spoke to Stephen, the security guard. He said he saw a car driving erratically in the parking lot and placed a man under arrest for DUI, awaiting police. Jose Balan was the passenger in the vehicle who told police that he saw Stephen pull up behind the vehicle he was riding in, and Stephen spoke to the driver. At this time, Jose exited the vehicle to go to his apartment in the complex to go to bed. Stephen followed him and kept the door from being closed behind Jose. At this time, Stephen entered the residence and tackled Jose in his own home. Jose was handcuffed and taken to Stephen’s security vehicle to wait for the police. During the incident, Jose admitted to intoxication but did not drive and had a designated driver. He also told police that Stephen tackling him caused him great pain in his back. MNPD officers responded to Stephen’s 911 call and took Stephen into custody, as his actions were inappropriate and illegal. He was charged with aggravated burglary, assault, and falls imprisonment.

DUI: Chris Snan admits to drinking and smoking prior to crash on I-40

27-year-old Christopher Snan was jailed on March 12th after losing control of his 2019 Dodge Challenger on I-40 and striking a retaining wall just after 11 p.m. while allegedly being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. When officers arrived on the scene, they smelled alcohol coming from Snan. He told police he drank 3-4 hours before driving. Snan was detained and relocated to a shell gas station and spoke with a different officer who could also smell alcohol on his breath. He told this officer that he drank 5 hours before driving and smoked marijuana around 8 am. He consented to Sobriety tests and performed poorly with multiple indicators of impairment. He told police that his shoulder hurt from the crash, and he had bad knees from previous injuries, which could impact his field sobriety tests.

Dustan Conley bounced from Kid Rock’s bar on Friday the 13th

51-year-old Dustan Conley was causing a disturbance at Kid Rock’s bar on Friday the 13th and had to be removed by security staff. Conley attempted to re-enter the bar twice after being bounced. Officers arrived and observed his extreme level of intoxication and refusal to listen to simple instructions and took him into custody for public intoxication.

Josh Longo urinates on himself while leaning on MNPD vehicle in downtown Nashville

22-year-old Josh Longo was found leaning against a Metro Nashville Police vehicle on January 14th and was having difficulty staying upright, according to officers working the Entertainment District in downtown Nashville. He was scrolling on his cellphone as if he was using it; however, the battery was dead. As he was leaning, officers observed him urinate on himself as he struggled to stay upright. Officers attempted to find him a safe way home or contact his friends, but all efforts were unsuccessful. Longo also refused medical transport. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Landon Myers floored after fight at Legends Corner, charged with cocaine possession & drunkenness

Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville encountered 24-year-old Landon Myers of Rome City, Indiana, who had been in a fight with another patron at Legends Corner. When officers arrived, Myers was on the floor of the venue and had dropped his wallet, which had his ID visible from the outside front sleeve. In it, officers also observed a baggie that is believed to be cocaine. After being evaluated, Myers refused any further medical treatment and left the EMS vehicle. He showed signs of being extremely intoxicated and was taken into custody for public intoxication and drug possession.

Teenagers “weeded” out of state park during visit after hours

18-year-olds Oscar Sosa and Jose Ayala were charged with unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and felony possession of marijuana with intent when police caught them entering a state park after hours.