Jonathan Seck assaults girlfriend while trying to take her phone during argument

55-year-old Jonathan Seck had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Jessica Mitchell, at a Notchleaf Road residence around 7 p.m. on May 25th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Seck, who initially told them nothing had occurred. Later, after Mitchell provided them with photos of her injuries, they detained Seck. Under Miranda, Seck stated he and Mitchell argued over her seeing other women texting him, during which she punched him three times. Seck then tried to restrain her and accidentally cut her lip with his watch. Officers spoke with Mitchell, who stated that Seck had taken her phone, and while attempting to retrieve it, Seck struck her in the mouth with the back of his hand, causing it to bleed. Seck was taken into custody for domestic assault on May 26th.

Jovan Nikolic throws man on ground during argument over construction materials

40-year-old Jovan Nikolic, a Bacar Construction employee, had an altercation with Billy Morgan at a North Dupont Avenue residence on January 8th. When officers arrived, they noticed Morgan bleeding from his ear as Nikolic approached them, advising them he was the aggressor. Officers detained and Mirandized him, during which he stated that he and Morgan argued over construction materials, adding that it escalated when Morgan “got in his face.” Nikolic said that he grabbed Morgan by the neck, threw him to the ground, and started punching and kicking him. Morgan was transported to Skyline Medical, where he told officers he wished to press charges for the occurrence. Officers cited Nikolic for the incident that day. Nikolic was later booked on the citation of assault on May 13th.

DUI: Gavin Gross hits guardrail on Briley Parkway, tells police he was “sideswiped”

20-year-old Gavin Gross had a single-vehicle accident near Briley Parkway and Currey Road around 4:20 a.m. on May 11th. When officers arrived, Gross told them he had been sideswiped while driving southbound on Briley Parkway. Then, officers observed the damage to the passenger side of his 2016 Nissan Maxima and the guard rails, consistent with him striking it and not being “sideswiped.” Gross had a slight alcoholic odor as he consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and, after being informed of implied consent, agreed to provide a blood sample. Gross was transported to Nashville General Hospital and was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Malachi Russel caught with automatic switch on gun during altercation with rideshare driver

19-year-old Malachi Russel was with Jamarcus Johnson and multiple other individuals with guns, instructing a rideshare driver to take them to various locations in the early hours of March 24th. The driver alerted the authorities, and they were dispatched to Hamilton Crossings near A Harris Dental, where they located the vehicle. Officers ordered Russel to exit the car, to which he complied, and they detained him. Officers conducted a search and found a Glock 21 handgun with an automatic switch and a front handle attachment. They spoke with the driver, who said Russel did not threaten or demand anything from him with the weapon. Russel refused to answer any questions regarding his attachments, and then he was taken into custody for felony possession of a prohibited weapon.

Jamarcus Johnson caught with 66 grams of marijuana during altercation with rideshare driver

19-year-old Jamarcus Johnson was with Malachi Russel and multiple individuals with guns, instructing a rideshare driver to take them to various locations in the early hours of March 24th. The driver alerted the authorities, and they were dispatched to Hamilton Crossings near A Harris Dental, where they located the vehicle and conducted a felony stop. Everyone in the car was detained, and during a frisk for weapons, officers located a tan P80 9mm Pistol and over two ounces of marijuana, 66.7 grams. The marijuana was packaged separately in one large container and other small ones, which were in a camouflage backpack in the third row of the vehicle, where Johnson was sitting. Everyone inside the car was Mirandized, during which none of them claimed ownership of the bag and stated they did not know whose it was. Further investigation revealed that the pistol had its serial number removed and that Johnson had an arrest warrant from Smyrna County, TN, for an unrelated charge. Johnson was then taken into custody for possession with intent of a schedule VI drug and the alteration of identification numbers.

Deven Campbell charged with DUI after four vodka & Redbull cocktails

33-year-old Deven Campbell told police he consumed four vodka and redbull cocktails before crashing his 2021 Toyota Tacoma in the early hours of Saturday morning on I-24. Responding officers noted he reeked of alcohol and was visibly intoxicated. He performed poorly on subsequent field sobriety tests and was taken into custody and charged with DUI.

DUI: Kevin Miller Jr. found passed out in car, tells officers he did not drink

31-year-old Kevin Miller Jr. was asleep behind the wheel of his car, with its hazard lights activated in the middle lane near the Bell Road and Blue Hole Road intersection in the early hours of March 8th. Officers observed this and conducted a community caretaking stop, during which Miller Jr. had woken up. When officers approached, they asked Miller Jr. to exit the vehicle, and when he did, he showed multiple signs of intoxication, reeking of alcohol. Officers noticed Miller Jr. had a holster protruding from his pants pocket, so they asked where his handgun was. Miller Jr. explained that the gun was mounted via magnet under the vehicle’s dashboard. Officers asked if Miller Jr. would take sobriety tests, which he did and performed poorly. Officers then went to detain Miller Jr., but he became resistive. Shortly after, Miller Jr. complied and was put in the back of the patrol car. Miller Jr. then tried to extend his leg, preventing officers from closing the door. Then, another officer assisted and pulled Miller Jr. in from the other side. Officers informed Miller Jr. of implied consent once he was secured in the backseat but refused to answer whether he consented. Miller Jr. kept asking officers why he was arrested, which was already told to him, then Miller Jr. stated he was not drunk and did not drink. Miller Jr. also claimed that he had performed a breathalyzer test, which he had not done. Miller Jr. was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, resisting arrest, and possessing a weapon while under the influence.

DUI: Crystal Fennell whips children while high on drugs at Waffle House

41-year-old Crystal Fennell was jailed on March 3rd after complaints of a woman pushing her kids and swinging a whip at them inside the Waffle House on Old Hickory Boulevard. Witnesses stated that Fennell had entered the restaurant with two children and began behaving erratically. During this time, the witness observed Fennell push both children and swing a whip at them. Officers tried to speak with Fennell, but she wasn’t making sense. From their professional experience, the officers believed that Fennell was under the influence of either meth or cocaine due to her behavior. Officers determined the abused children were ages 5 and 6 and belonged to Fennell. Officers also discovered that she was in possession of a multi-lashed whip.

 Multiple complainants stated they saw Fennell arrive, driving a white Chevrolet suburban. Officers decided that it was unsafe for Fennell to perform sobriety tests due to her fidgeting and constant pulling away, fearing Fennell would run into traffic.

 When Fennell was arrested, she began complaining of chest pains, to which officers requested an ambulance. While at Nashville General Hospital, she admitted to drinking some alcohol and then spat in Officer Heaton’s face. Crystal Fennell was taken into custody on March 3rd for assault on an officer, DUI with a child, and two counts of child abuse.

DUI: Christian Smith runs over pedestrian in his Nissan Altima

21-year-old Christian Smith was involved in a vehicle-versus-pedestrian collision on Myatt Drive in the morning hours of Saturday. Smith advised officers he was driving the black Nissan Altima and struck the pedestrian when they suddenly crossed Myatt Drive. Officers observed Smith to be visibly intoxicated as he consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and provided a breath sample resulting in 0.095 BAC%. Smith was taken into custody for driving under the influence.