Jamarcus Johnson caught with 66 grams of marijuana during altercation with rideshare driver

19-year-old Jamarcus Johnson was with Malachi Russel and multiple individuals with guns, instructing a rideshare driver to take them to various locations in the early hours of March 24th. The driver alerted the authorities, and they were dispatched to Hamilton Crossings near A Harris Dental, where they located the vehicle and conducted a felony stop. Everyone in the car was detained, and during a frisk for weapons, officers located a tan P80 9mm Pistol and over two ounces of marijuana, 66.7 grams. The marijuana was packaged separately in one large container and other small ones, which were in a camouflage backpack in the third row of the vehicle, where Johnson was sitting. Everyone inside the car was Mirandized, during which none of them claimed ownership of the bag and stated they did not know whose it was. Further investigation revealed that the pistol had its serial number removed and that Johnson had an arrest warrant from Smyrna County, TN, for an unrelated charge. Johnson was then taken into custody for possession with intent of a schedule VI drug and the alteration of identification numbers.