Gabriel “BarberG” Murillo caught with “switch” on his handgun

28-year-old Gabriel Murillo, aka “BarberG,” was caught with an illegally modified handgun on March 28th. Officers pulled over the vehicle and made contact with Murillo and the other occupants. While talking to him, officers noticed the imprint of a firearm in his waistband. Murillo’s information was run through the state system, and officers found that he had an out-of-county outstanding Warrant. Murillo was then asked to step out of the vehicle, which led to officers observing a pistol magazine in his hoodie pocket. Officers conducted a pat down and seized Murillo’s firearm. Through further examination, officers found that Murillo’s firearm had a “switch” on it. Gabriel Murillo was taken into custody and charged with possession of a prohibited weapon.

Malachi Russel caught with automatic switch on gun during altercation with rideshare driver

19-year-old Malachi Russel was with Jamarcus Johnson and multiple other individuals with guns, instructing a rideshare driver to take them to various locations in the early hours of March 24th. The driver alerted the authorities, and they were dispatched to Hamilton Crossings near A Harris Dental, where they located the vehicle. Officers ordered Russel to exit the car, to which he complied, and they detained him. Officers conducted a search and found a Glock 21 handgun with an automatic switch and a front handle attachment. They spoke with the driver, who said Russel did not threaten or demand anything from him with the weapon. Russel refused to answer any questions regarding his attachments, and then he was taken into custody for felony possession of a prohibited weapon.

Andreas Green charged after walking out on tab at Mellow Mushroom

33-year-old Andreas Green walked out on a tab without paying at Mellow Mushroom on Broadway late March 7th. Security for the establishment flagged officers down regarding the incident. Officers went to meet with Green, who became agitated with them as they approached, refusing their orders. Officers then escorted Green back to Mellow Mushroom, where he still could not pay his tab. Officers noticed he was visibly intoxicated, deemed him as a danger to himself and others, and then detained him. During a subsequent search, Officers located brass knuckles and a handgun in Green’s backpack. Green was taken into custody for the possession of a weapon while under the influence, possession of a prohibited weapon, and public intoxication.

Christian Martin: “I could snap your neck, but you’re not worth going to jail for”

31-year-old Christian Martin was jailed on Friday night after breaking his sobriety and threatening his girlfriend during an alcohol-induced argument. Allison Truman is Martin’s girlfriend, and they live together on Jackson Downs Blvd. Allison told police that Christian had been sober for two months due to issues that occurred when alcohol was involved. Allison and Martin got into an argument about his relapse, and she locked herself in her bedroom to avoid any conflict while he was drunk. Martin started kicking the door, and Allison told him to stop several times, but he kicked the door off the hinges. Allison was scared that Martin would seriously hurt her.

Martin then threatened her by saying, “I could fold you if I wanted to” and “I could snap your neck, but you’re not worth going to jail for” When officers spoke to Martin, he was slurring his speech and unsteady on his feet. He told police he kicked the door down because “he felt like it” and he “just wanted to talk to her” The damage to the home matched the details of the incident. When Martin was taken into custody, police found brass knuckles in his pockets.

Brandon Howard charged with P80 ghost gun and theft of 2022 Camry

18-year-old Brandon Howard told police, “I would have dusted y’all!” had it not been for the spike strips they deployed to stop him as he fled in a stolen Toyota Camry late Sunday night. He was driving a 2022 white Toyota Camry that was just stolen from Whites Creek Pike and was being tracked by its owner, who was relaying the information to police. With the assistance of AirOne, all three occupants of the vehicle were taken into custody after short foot pursuits. A P80 ‘ghost gun’ with an automatic switch was found within reach of Howard at the time of his arrest… more details inside

Woman says she was raped, he says it was consensual; police don’t charge the crime — Te’Quan Cartwright

19-year-old Te’Quan is charged with possession of brass knuckles, vandalism, interference with a 911 call, and domestic assault, after his ex-girlfriend, Johnyae Hooten, says he punched her in the face, raped her, and smashed her phone when she attempted to call 911 to report it.

Cartwright is free on a $5,000 bond.

3 charged in cocaine distribution raid: Drugs, Mini Draco, & 3 Glocks seized

Santwan Holt, 20, Randall Gilmer, 20, and Michael Williams, 24, are all charged in what police describe as a cocaine distribution operation. In addition to cocaine, a search warrant resulted in the seizure of 3 Glock handguns and a Mini Draco. All three denied any knowledge of guns or drugs in the home.