Stephen Sterling punches tourist on Broadway in downtown Nashville

46-year-old Stephen Sterling reportedly followed Jeremy Potter out of Ripley’s Bar on Broadway on July 15th. Stephen and Jeremy were reportedly arguing and then walked in front of the Ernest Tubb Record Shop. At this time, Stephen came up behind Jeremy and hit him in the right side of the face. Stephen was booked on the assault charge on September 19th.

Austin McIntosh: too drunk for downtown Nashville

23-year-old Austin McIntosh suddenly jumped in front of Metro Nashville Police officers who were walking to a medic UTV in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Saturday morning. He began to yell and scream and was visibly intoxicated. Attempts to get him medical assistance or locate his friends or hotel were all unsuccessful. He continued to be disorderly in the roadway and was taken into custody.

Ronnie Sanchez jailed after swinging on bouncers at Nashville Underground

Police came into contact with 38-year-old Ronnie Sanchez at Nashville Underground in the early hours of Saturday morning, where he was unsteady on his feet and visibly overly intoxicated. He told officers, “I am drunk!” as security staff explained he had attempted to fight them by “swinging on them.” Officers took Sanchez into custody and charged him with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.