Landlord Yousuf Ahmad charged with firing gun at tenant while intoxicated

33-year-old Yousuf Ahmad was reportedly intoxicated in the early hours of Sunday morning when he sent a text message to his tenant, Kisa Myrick, who lives next door. When she received the text, which advised she needed to move out, she went to the door of Ahmad’s home, but he did not answer. As she returned to her home, she says he came behind her and forced his way into her home while holding a black handgun. He reportedly grabbed her by her wrist and yelled at her, threatening to kill her, and fired the firearm.

During questioning, police say Ahmad repeated himself and would randomly yell and scream. He claims he only answered his door and went back to bed; however, his girlfriend confirmed to police that he followed the victim to her home, and police retrieved a Glock 22, along with a shell casing, on the front steps of the victim’s home.