Mitarius Boyd jailed after dispute over PlayStation 5 at Nashville Best Buy

21-year-old Mitarius Boyd was jailed Wednesday after causing a disruption and refusing to leave a Nashville Best Buy store when they didn’t have a PlayStation 5 in stock. Just before lunch, he entered the Best Buy at 2311 Gallatin Pike and got into an argument with a store employee who told him there were no PS5’s in stock. He loudly confronts multiple employees until the General Manager, Jason Connally, asked him to leave the store due to his loud and disruptive behavior. He refused, demanding to see the store’s policy on paper that allowed them to remove him. Officers arrived at the location and gave him an opportunity to walk away and out of the store, yet Boyd continued to refuse to leave and began arguing with officers. He was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

Best Buy Booster busted — Tykerria Foxx

18-year-old Tykerria Foxx is charged with theft after police say she walked into the Rivergate Best Buy store, selected two Playstation controllers valued at $150, and fled out the front door. She was able to be identified by police with assistance from loss prevention. Once the warrant was signed on September 29th, she was booked on the warrant on October 3rd.

Matthew Hall replaced expensive Best Buy orders with cheaper items during deliveries

24-year-old Matthew Hall was jailed this week on two outstanding warrants stemming from his work as a Roadie delivery driver for Best Buy. An investigation showed that on multiple occasions he pick up an expensive item at Best Buy for delivery to a customer, but replace it with a much cheaper item, which was delivered to the customer’s home. One of the customers received a Walmart alarm clock instead of the Samos Speakers Hall had been entrusted with, while another ordered a $700 Google Pixel phone and received a $20 Nintendo Switch adapter. During the investigation, he implicated himself in the thefts by stating “Well, what if I know what happened to the phone, what’s the best way to handle the situation?”

Nashville man says he sold his soul to Luke Bryan… in arrangement to harm President Joe Biden — Jason Lind

37-year-old Jason Lind, who we covered last week after his outburst at Best Buy, is now being held on a federal warrant in the Metro Nashville Jail, after he called the FBI and told them he had sold his soul to Luke Bryan and would commit treason for him, including getting on a plane and carrying out a specific threat to President Joe Biden. He explained he was simply waiting on Luke Bryan to give him the orders.

Man charged with disorderly conduct after refusing to leave Madison Best Buy — Jason Lind

37-year-old Jason Lawrence Lind was reportedly threatening customers and employees at the Madison Best Buy on November 30th when officers arrived and found him inside the store, refusing to leave. Despite attempts to calm Lind, and to find the reason for his displeasure, he remained upset and continued to attempt to return inside the store after management explained he was no longer welcome. Police say he continued to scream and curse, and he was eventually transported to booking, charged with disorderly conduct.