Kathy Beech steals former roommate’s earrings worth $5,200

68-year-old Kathy Beech was caught stealing from her former roommate, Patricia Orlando, on September 23rd, 2023. Orlando was evicted from Beech’s residence, so she removed all her belongings and brought them to her new home. While unpacking her items, Orlando noticed two sets of diamond earrings were missing. One set was a set of 3/4 carat stud earrings, and the other was a pair of 1/2 carat stud earrings together worth $5,200. Orlando told law enforcement that she believed Beech took her earrings because she was the only person with access to them. Orlando also stated that she saw Beech enter her room and look around during the eviction process. Kathy Beech was taken into custody and charged with theft on April 18th, 2024.

Lana Pleasant tries to steal vape, caught when it falls out of her pocket

25-year-old Iana Pleasant was cited for theft of merchandise on January 3rd. Officers were dispatched to Smoke Mountain and spoke with Beshoy Azrak, an employee at the location, who advised he caught Pleasant attempting to steal a $29.99 vape cartridge. She was leaving when the cart fell out of her pocket, and she ran away as Azrak told her to stop. He chased and caught up with her, convincing her to return to Smoke Mountain to wait for officers. When officers arrived, they spoke with Pleasant, who told them she was homeless and just trying to get high. She was booked on the citation on January 31st.

Matthew Hall replaced expensive Best Buy orders with cheaper items during deliveries

24-year-old Matthew Hall was jailed this week on two outstanding warrants stemming from his work as a Roadie delivery driver for Best Buy. An investigation showed that on multiple occasions he pick up an expensive item at Best Buy for delivery to a customer, but replace it with a much cheaper item, which was delivered to the customer’s home. One of the customers received a Walmart alarm clock instead of the Samos Speakers Hall had been entrusted with, while another ordered a $700 Google Pixel phone and received a $20 Nintendo Switch adapter. During the investigation, he implicated himself in the thefts by stating “Well, what if I know what happened to the phone, what’s the best way to handle the situation?”