Kathy Beech steals former roommate’s earrings worth $5,200

68-year-old Kathy Beech was caught stealing from her former roommate, Patricia Orlando, on September 23rd, 2023. Orlando was evicted from Beech’s residence, so she removed all her belongings and brought them to her new home. While unpacking her items, Orlando noticed two sets of diamond earrings were missing. One set was a set of 3/4 carat stud earrings, and the other was a pair of 1/2 carat stud earrings together worth $5,200. Orlando told law enforcement that she believed Beech took her earrings because she was the only person with access to them. Orlando also stated that she saw Beech enter her room and look around during the eviction process. Kathy Beech was taken into custody and charged with theft on April 18th, 2024.