Roberto Gonzalez Valdes jailed on $75,000 bond for using a re-encoded card to steal $175 in gas

39-year-old Roberto Gonzalez Valdes is jailed in lieu of a $75,000 bond on a charge of criminal simulation of $1,000 or less. Officers, including agents from the Secret Service, observed Gonzalez use a programmed plastic card to pay for gas at Gallatin Pike Mapco station on Jul 13th. A vehicle search resulted in multiple gift cards that had been programmed using a card reader/writer to change the gift card number embedded in the magstripe on the card. He received $175 in gas during the current transaction using the altered card number.

Nashville man says he sold his soul to Luke Bryan… in arrangement to harm President Joe Biden — Jason Lind

37-year-old Jason Lind, who we covered last week after his outburst at Best Buy, is now being held on a federal warrant in the Metro Nashville Jail, after he called the FBI and told them he had sold his soul to Luke Bryan and would commit treason for him, including getting on a plane and carrying out a specific threat to President Joe Biden. He explained he was simply waiting on Luke Bryan to give him the orders.