Woman charged after husband tells police she hit him in face with hard plastic bottle

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23-year-old Alexis Jackson was charged with domestic assault after he told her to exit the vehicle during an argument, and she threw a hard plastic bottle at his face.

On October 14th, Shawn Jackson and Alexis Jackson, whom the county clerk has listed as Alexis Cheatham, were traveling on Old Hickory Boulevard. Shawn stated while he was driving, Alexis was being belligerent. He also mentioned she had a drug problem.

Alexis Cheatham (MNPD)
Alexis Cheatham (MNPD)

Shawn reported he then pulled into the Walgreens located at 3880 Dickerson Pike, since the argument was escalating. Shawn claimed he told Alexis to exit his vehicle which she did, but in the process she grabbed a half-full plastic bottle and threw it at him, striking him in the face.

On December 10th, Alexis Jackson was arrested and charged with domestic assault. A previous case of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon has been reopened. She was later released on a $1,000 bond.

Cheatham, Alexis5586581029 JONES ST
Old Hickory TN 37138
Agg Assault – Deadly Weapon
Cheatham, Alexis5586581029 JANE CIR
Ashland Cityl, TN 37015
Asl, Dom Off/Prov Con

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    I much rather see her on the scoop than in the obituaries. I love u Alexis you begged me to get straight I am come on sister now u do it.

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