Police charge man with domestic assault after cousin reports beating

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49-year-old Morrice Harbison was charged with domestic assault after his cousin reported that he punched her off the couch, then continued striking her because she broke a glass plate in the microwave.

On December 7th, Metro Nashville Police Officers met Narquita Harbison at a home located at 1206 Bell Grimes Drive. According to the affidavit, Narquita’s cousin, Morrice Harbison, returned back home to a broken glass plate inside the microwave.

Morrice Harbison (MNPD)
Morrice Harbison (MNPD)

She told police after seeing the plate, Morrice became irate toward her, so he struck her with a closed fist. This caused her to fall off the couch and scrape her knee on the floor. She said Morrice continued to strike and kick her while on the floor. She was able to escape by running into the bathroom, where Morrice followed her, but then left the residence. Police noted there were no marks on her cheek, but there was a small abrasion on her wrist where she claimed she was grabbed and her knee from the fall.

Morrice Harbison was arrested and charged with domestic assault. All charges were later dropped.

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