Dalton Williams charged with DUI after early morning crash in Nashville

30-year-old Dalton Williams stopped during sobriety tests and told police he would not waste their time after he crashed his car in Nashville early Saturday morning. Police found Dalton next to his vehicle, smelling of alcohol, on August 12th in front of a residence on Brick Church Pike. The residents of the house said that they saw Dalton exit the vehicle after the crash with a bottle in his hand. When police asked Dalton about the smell of alcohol, he said that he had not been drinking that night but did the day prior. Also, he said that he could not pass a breathalyzer, for he would probably blow a 0.14% BAC. However, he did agree to perform sobriety tests. He showed several indications of intoxication during the tests and stopped during the turn and point, and told police that there was no point wasting their time.