Tyrika Darrough steals $342 worth of merchandise from Nordstrom

28-year-old Tyrika Darrough was booked on a citation on March 20th when she was seen shoplifting at Nordstrom at The Mall at Green Hills on February 21st. When officers arrived, they were met by Nordstrom’s loss prevention officer, Mr. Nguyen, who stated that he witnessed Darrough concealing merchandise in her purse. Nguyen informed officers that when he questioned Darrough, she said that she didn’t take any items from the store. However, Nguyen reached into her bag and retrieved $342 worth of Nordstrom items. Darrough was cited for the incident that day. Darrough was booked on the citation for theft on March 20th.

Eric Kelnhofer jailed after throwing water bottle at wife during argument

40-year-old Eric Kelnhofer got into a verbal argument with his wife, Kristin Kelnhofer, over not “giving him space” on October 19th. Eric told officers that he ended up throwing a water bottle at his wife, which resulted in an injury above her left pinky. Officers observed the injury on Kristin’s hand, and since Eric admitted to throwing the water bottle, he was taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: Conor Coleman says he had “25 drinks” prior to crashing his vehicle

21-year-old Conor Coleman told police he had “25 alcoholic beverages” late Friday night before they found him crashed in his vehicle on Sylvan Heights at 8:45 a.m. Saturday. He elaborated that the drinks were a mixture of beer and vodka before deciding he no longer wanted to speak to officers. He refused all testing and was taken into custody, charged with driving under the influence.

Emma Bonnet charged in domestic assault of mother, Kathleen Bonnet

Police responded to a call Friday afternoon on Tulane Court and found 34-year-old Emma Bonnet being followed by her mother, Kathleen Bonnett, into the residence. Officers looked through the window when they heard a disturbance inside and saw a lamp fall over. Emma, while holding her mother’s phone, then told police that they could come in, and they reported that Kathleen had a cut on her right arm that was bleeding. Police stated that the cut was not there earlier when they were speaking to Kathleen. Kathleen said that Emma assaulted her, and she wanted to prosecute.

Romell Thomas threatens another Western Express employee during dispute

37-year-old Romell Thomas was charged with assault after threatening an employee at Western Express on Feb 9th. While performing his daily work duties, Dale Holland informed Thomas that he needed to move his vehicle out of a specific location. He told police that Thomas responded with, if someone comes back up to his semi, he would “put something in him.” Holland said this statement put him in fear due to recent shootings around the world. Dominick Bates served as a witness stating he was there for the incident and witnessed the threat from Thomas.

Benjamin McCay found inside country club with stolen jewelry from nearby home

27-year-old Benjamin McCay reportedly entered the Hillwood Country Club at 2:45 a.m. Friday, and took an alcoholic beverage, which he consumed. At 9:20 a.m., security found McCay to still be on the property and contacted police. He told police he had no recollection of the incident or knowledge of his actions. During a search of his person, a set of keys to the business were located in McCay’s pocket, along with assorted jewelry. Further investigation showed the jewelry and AirPods were stolen from the home of Kathryn Martin, whose home is adjacent to the Country Club and golf course.

Anthony Assi pulls pistol on roommate, threatens to kill him over rent money in “slight disagreement”

41-year-old Anthony J. Assi is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after his roommate, Nicolas Renier, says Assi pulled a pistol and threatened to shoot him on November 10th during a disagreement in their garage. Renier says the two were in a “slight disagreement” over money, and he asked Assi to return his $1,400 rent payment, but he would only agree to return $700. Assi went inside the house as if to retrieve the money but returned with a pistol and pointed it directly at Renier, threatening to shoot him. Police arrived and Assi admitted to the felony aggravated assault.

Michael Rafei charges at brother with frying pan when asked to wash dishes

22-year-old Michael Rafei is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he grabbed a frying pan from the sink and charged at his brother, Matthew Rafei, when he was asked to wash the dishes. Matthew says the simple request made his brother “irate.” He was able to grab the frying pan as it came toward him and take it away from Michael. A witness, William Bowen, corroborated the assault.

Magistrate sets $20 bond for Monica Spendlove, who put roommate’s belongings by the dumpster

Metro Nashville Police responded to Views on the Cumberland, where Ashley Nall reported her roommate, Caroline Hathaway, messaged her to advise that another roommate,39-year-old Monica Spendlove, was throwing some of Nall’s personal items. Officers made contact with Spendlove, who admitted to entering Nall’s room and putting some of her things outside near a dumpster for disposal. Some of the property included a Yeti cooler and Vanderbilt coasters. The property’s value was estimated at $300.

Kevonte Nabors, 18, charged with theft of Fiona Culley Langham’s SUV; evading arrest

When Metro Nashville Police were notified that Fiona Culley Langham’s 2020 Hyundai Palisade worth $40,000 had been stolen and was being actively tracked minute-by-minute they responded with the AirOne Helicopter and multiple officers and followed the vehicle to the area of Maudina Ave from both land and air. Officers approached the vehicle as it was coming to a stop and watched 18-year-old Kevonte Nabors flee from the driver’s seat and run into the backyard of a Bellmore Ave address. Nabors was taken into custody after a brief foot chase.