Joshua Dodson jumps out of ambulance after taking “ice”, tells officers people are after him

42-year-old Joshua Dodson jumped out of an ambulance truck and ran down Highway 100 near Old Hickory Boulevard around 10 a.m. on June 20th. Medics alerted the authorities, who later located Dodson walking on the highway, sweating profusely and acting erratically. Officers noticed Dodson was making nonsensical statements and appeared as if he might run into the woods or traffic at any moment. Then, Dodson told police he had taken “Ice” and Suboxone and was worried that people were after him. While detaining him, Dodson was compliant but continued displaying paranoid behavior. Dodson was deemed a danger to himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Tleah Barnes throws computer printer at ex-boyfriend’s car during altercation

27-year-old Tleah Barnes had a domestic incident with her ex-boyfriend, Ronzell Paisley, at her Hicks Road apartment in the morning hours of May 17th. Paisley alerted the authorities, stating that he went to her unit to collect some of his belongings, and an argument ensued. During their dispute, he walked toward his car in the parking lot, and Barnes ran after him, causing him to retreat further. Then, Paisley said she opened his car door, grabbed a baseball bat, chasing him with it before throwing it and nearly hitting him. Afterward, she threw several items at Paisley, including a water bottle. Barnes then brought out a computer printer from her apartment and flung it on the hood of his car, damaging it as well as leaving a large dent in the driver’s side door. Then, Barnes grabbed a bottle of bleach and poured it into his car. Officers reviewed footage of the occurrence from an apartment camera, showing Paisley calling the police while attempting to get away from her. According to Barnes, Paisley banged on her door, trying to enter, but never “assaulted her,” adding that he had stayed at the residence several times before. When officers arrived, she appeared to have been trying to flee until finally stopping for them. Paisley advised police that he wanted to press charges. Barnes was then taken into custody for vandalism and aggravated assault.

Rosmary Soto-Inciarte grabs roommates face, punches her 8-10 times after being woken up

30-year-old Rosmary Soto-Inciarte had a domestic altercation with one of her roommates, Denia Irery Escudero-Martinez, at their Ruffian Way residence in the early hours of April 11th. Officers were dispatched to Harpeth Cleaners, where Escudero-Martinez works, to speak with her. Upon arrival, she told officers that she and her boyfriend, Irvin Martinez-Reyes, who also lives there, were trying to leave for work and noticed their car was blocked in. The couple went to Soto-Inciarte and her boyfriend’s room to ask them to move it. Escudero-Martinez said that Soto-Inciarte became angry because they were woken up and started arguing with them, during which Soto-Inciarte struck her 8 to 10 times on her arms and in her face. Escudero-Martinez said Soto-Inciarte, then grabbed her face and pulled her hair for several minutes until their boyfriends intervened. Escudero-Martinez showed officers the swelling and scratches on her face and a large bruise on her right arm. Then, she advised that she wished to prosecute for the incident and wanted to seek an Order of Protection when she got home from work. Soto-Inciarte was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Ashley Goble punches man multiple times, throws garbage all over his vehicle

34-year-old Ashley Goble had a domestic altercation with her current intimate partner, Joseph William Modic, at his General Patton Road residence around 11:40 a.m. on April 15th. When the officers arrived, they noticed Goble sitting on the curb, visibly upset, so they exited to speak to her. Goble stated she became angry and started throwing things inside Modic’s house before hitting him repeatedly. Then, Modic spoke with officers, advising them that Goble punched him in the chest four times while he was driving them home. Modic said everything calmed down when they got to his house until they had another conversation, where Goble became irate and started punching him while throwing things around. Modic said afterward, she went outside and threw garbage over his vehicle. He added that during the incident, Goble told him she would kill him several times. Goble was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Tristen Tigart threatens to kill wife, go on “Rampage” with AR-15

25-year-old Tristen Michael Tigart was taken into custody for harassment on March 18th. On March 5th, around 8:45 a.m., McKenzie Tigart alerted the authorities, advising that her husband, Mr.Tigart, threatened to kill her. McKenzie told officers that they had been separated for about a month and that Tristen stayed at their Clarksville home while she went to live with her mother in Cumberland City. Then, McKenzie said that while she was working at Dillard Dental Services, she had a “disturbing” phone call with Tristen. During this, he told her that he was going to go on a “Rampage and kill McKenzie and others before killing himself.” McKenzie stated that he referenced an AR-15 rifle and several others that he had access to. She added that Tristen is retired from the Army. McKenzie said she wished to prosecute for the assault and would like to seek an order of protection at the Davidson Family Safety Center. Officer Driskell from the Clarksville Police Department did a welfare check on Tristen at around 8:30 a.m., where he denied making suicidal and homicidal comments. Tigart was taken into custody for harassment on March 18th.

Logan Hall defecates on floor after being confronted for trespassing at Walmart

60-year-old Logan Hall refused to leave a West Nashville Walmart on the afternoon of February 14th. Walmart security officer Wanda Robertson, and Phillip McCoy, a loss prevention officer, alerted the authorities, advising them that Hall was trespassing and told to leave after being caught shoplifting. Then, Hall re-entered the establishment, sparking an argument with Robertson in the entryway. During the argument, Hall pulled on his pant leg, releasing feces onto the ground. Officers also noted that a customer nearly stepped in Hall’s feces as well. When officers arrived, they reviewed footage confirming the incident and were told that Walmart wished to prosecute. Hall was taken into custody for vandalism and criminal trespassing.

Melody Hennigan charged in assault of boyfriend over images on phone

25-year-old Melody Hennigan had an altercation with her boyfriend, Justin Hafner, at their shared apartment in West Nashville on January 24th. Officers were advised that they argued about images that she found on Hafner’s phone, and when she tried to throw it, he grabbed her arms to prevent her. He let her go, and then she threw it, not damaging it, then she grasped her hands around his neck and squeezed lightly. Hennigan stated that she did this out of retaliation because he grabbed her arms. Hafner told them he did not wish to prosecute, but they deemed her the primary aggressor. Hennigan was taken into custody for domestic assault and transported to booking.

Lisa Hawkins charged after being caught with liquor in her purse

53-year-old Lisa Hawkins was at the Wal-Mart in west Nashville on November 24th when officers were dispatched regarding an unrelated trespassing incident. She was visibly intoxicated as officers were interacting with the other suspect and consented to a search, which yielded a half-empty bottle of liquor in her purse. Hawkins could clearly not take care of herself, so she was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Jacoby Rippy charged in assault of mother and younger brother

20-year-old Jacoby Rippy hit his little brother, who tried to break up a fight between him and their mother. On June 21st, MNPD officers arrived in West Nashville and spoke to Mia Rippy, the victim of a domestic assault. Mia told police that she was assaulted by Jacoby, who was her son, and he lived at the residence. She said it started when they argued and told him to leave the residence. When Jacoby refused, she said, he grabbed and pushed her. At this time, his younger brother saw him push their mother, so he stepped in to defend her. The little brother said Jacoby grabbed him and punched him. Police noted scratches and bruising to the younger brother’s face, chest, and pinky finger. Mia did not have any visible injuries but wanted to prosecute and place an order of protection against Jacoby.

AWOL Soldier Maccdousha Faulaau charged in assault of his girlfriend

20-year-old Maccdousha Faulaau, a Fort Campbell Soldier, was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from March when he assaulted his girlfriend, Mokadesha Williams, in their apartment on Centennial Boulevard. Police spoke with Ms. Williams, who also stated that Mr. Fualaau has a military warrant as he is stationed at Fort Campbell and has been AWOL since November.

Earlier in the day on March 28th, she and Faulaau got into an argument in their bedroom. At some point during the argument, he grabbed her forearms and slung her around the kitchen. Ms. Williams then punched him in the head with her right hand. Faulaau grabbed her and threw her on the couch in the living room and then onto the floor in the bedroom. When the fight stopped, she told him she was going to call the police, so he grabbed her cell phone out of her hands. She tried to leave, but there was only one door in the apartment, and she couldn’t get by him to go. She tried to yell for help out of the window, but Faulaau grabbed her and pulled her back from the window.

He kept her trapped in the apartment for over two hours without a phone. Ms. Williams then asked to use her phone to call her mom, and he agreed, but while Ms. Williams was speaking with her mother on speaker phone, her mother told her to call the police. That’s when Faulaau grabbed a knife from the kitchen and fled on foot. Ms. Williams had several bruises and scratches on her right forearm. Her shirt was torn, and she had abrasions on her left breast.