Nghia Nguyen caught with felonious amount of ecstasy pills

22-year-old Nghia Nguyen was taken into custody for a felony drug offense on April 22nd. On December 10th, 2023, detectives conducted a “controlled buy” operation with a criminal informant. The informant called Nguyen and was directed to go to a parking lot near Lebanon Pike and Central Pike, where officers observed via surveillance that Ngyuen provided a felonious number of pills for the pre-agreed amount of money. After the informant left, officers field-tested the narcotics, and they returned positive for ecstasy. On April 2nd, 2024, a warrant was issued for Nguyen’s arrest.

Where’s Theo Von? A very drunken Mark Rouse would like to know

Police say 32-year-old Mark Rouse was threatening guests of the Hutton Hotel on West End late Thursday night, banging on doors and attempting to get into guest rooms. Security escorted him to the sidewalk, where en encountered Metro Nashville Police Officers. He could not give coherent answers as to why he was causing a commotion. He then tossed his fanny pack onto West End Ave in a huff, demanding to know where comedian Theo Von was. Rouse then stuck his fingers into Officer Strattons’ face while screaming profanities.

Ja’Korey Hunter charged with assault of woman at gay bar in Nashville; she punches him in face

21-year-old Ja’Korey Hunter was at Play Dance Bar at 2 a.m. Saturday when police say he sexually assaulted Brittanee Anderson. According to witnesses and video of the incident, Hunter walked up behind the victim, who was dancing with her friend, Kolton Dixon. He then reportedly put his arms around her waist and then placed his hand up her dress, touching her genital area and fondling her. She immediately confronts Hunter and punches him in the face. Kolton Dixon then threw Hunter to the ground. Security responded and detained Hunter until police arrived. Our partners at Clarksville Today previously covered Hunter’s DUI in October.

Troy Smith leaves wet spot on his lover after assault in Nashville hotel

James Shardale Taylor says his lover, 23-year-old Troy Smith, tossed a duffle bag containing his cell phone off of the 5th-floor balcony of their West End hotel late Saturday evening. The two had been arguing as Troy wanted to visit a shopping mall, and James did not want to go. Troy reportedly became “erratic,” causing James to record the interaction. When James said he wanted to level the hotel room, he says Troy told him he would have to fight him to leave the room. He then reportedly snatched the phone away from James and attacked him, strangling him and leaving him with visible injuries to his neck. Troy also poured a beer onto James, leaving him with a wet spot on his shirt. Police arrived and took Troy into custody. The cell phone was retrieved and was damaged as a result of the fall.

Angela Hurt pulls revolver & begins countdown, threatens to shoot man over parking space

Curtis Patel was returning to his car, which he had parked in the alley near 8th Ave South, when he was suddenly confronted by 45-year-old Angela Hurt Gordon was irate and yelling and screaming about him parking “in her spot.” As Curtis got into his car to leave, she threw something at his windshield and kicked the side of his vehicle. She went back inside, and as he backed out of the area, a Belmont security officer made contact with him. While they were speaking, Angela came back out of her house holding a revolver, which she pointed in the air and threatened to shoot him. She began a backward countdown from 10, causing Curtis to flee the immediate area as police arrived to observe Angela still armed and screaming.

Michael Gallagher, Jr. charged with DUI after crashing into South Nashville utility pole

Metro Nashville Police say 32-year-old Michael Gallagher Jr. was driving South on Nolensville Pike when he had to swerve to avoid rear-ending the vehicle ahead of him due to his speed. As he ran off the road he struck a utility pole and officers responded to the scene. Gallagher admitted to drinking “two 10oz Bud Lights” with tacos a couple of hours prior to driving. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Tyler Glass admits to using meth before crashing, fleeing, passing out in intersection

29-year-old Tyler Glass says he used meth one hour before a series of car crashes in South Nashville. On Thursday, Nashville Fire initially responded to a male passed out in a VW Jetta on nearby Clayton Street. EMS District Chief Chad Gilly says as they attempted to check on the man, later identified as Glass, he suddenly drove off from the scene and they found him again, passed out at the intersection of Vaulx Lane and Gale Lane, where Officer Stratton now attempted to speak with him. He refused to exit the vehicle, and would only repeat “I’m hot” when asked questions. He was eventually coaxed out of the vehicle and taken into custody, where he continued to nod off in the back of a patrol car. When asked basic questions he would simply stare forward. Inside a “colorful bag” in the vehicle, officers found snort straws, a small plunger, and crystal methamphetamine.

Florida Man charged with assault of girlfriend in Nashville Hotel — Ryan Timmerman

21-year-old Ryan Timmerman, from Florida, is charged with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, Sara Weiss, after hotel staff called police after hearing him yell on the 2nd floor of the hotel and observed him grabbing and pushing his girlfriend, who explained he was “extremely intoxicated” and they got into an argument in the hallway. Timmerman is free on a $1,000 bond.