Russell Childs found unable to stand outside storage building, tells police he was “not drunk”

54-year-old Russell Childs showed signs of intoxication near the Representative John Lewis Way South Public Storage Building late July 11th. Officers observed him leaning against the wall and spoke with him, during which he reeked of alcohol before admitting to consuming alcoholic beverages earlier in the day, adding that he was “not drunk.” Childs was deemed a danger to himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Eric McNutt scams people by impersonating parking lot attendant on 4th of July

58-year-old Eric McNutt was caught impersonating a parking attendant at an empty parking lot on President Ronald Reagan Way South on July 4th. When officers arrived, they observed McNutt wearing a hi-visibility yellow vest, waving vehicles into the parking lot to park. Officers spoke with a witness who stated that McNutt waved him in and asked him for $10 to park at that location. Officers had previously talked to Downtown Partnership about McNutt conducting the same business on May 28th. On that occasion, officers could not find McNutt but observed pictures of him in the same parking lot dressed in the same yellow vest. When officers spoke to McNutt, he denied ever asking people for money and stated that he used to work for Downtown Partnership. McNutt told officers that he simply asked people to park there and suggested they could give him a tip. McNutt was taken into custody for criminal impersonation.

Malachi Nelson steals $45,000 worth of property after breaking into woman’s home

32-year-old Malachi Nelson was seen trespassing with marijuana on him at The Greyhound Bus Station near Rep John Lewis Way South on June 20th. When officers arrived on the scene, it was for an unrelated call. Staff flagged down officers and told them they wanted Nelson to be banned from returning to the property. Officers then spoke with Nelson and told him he would be arrested for trespassing if he returned. Officers then left the scene and received a call from the same location shortly after. The caller stated that Nelson had climbed the fence into the property and threatened to kill everybody inside the bus station. When officers arrived on the scene, Nelson was still on the property, and since officers had previously warned him, he was taken into custody for trespassing.

During a search of Nelson, officers located a small amount of marijuana inside of a small plastic bag. Officers also located several other suspicious items, including a photo ID and a debit card that belonged to a female and not Nelson. When asked about the items, he stated that he did not know where they came from or how long he had had them. Officers then discovered that the owner of the ID card had made a call and was waiting for officers to make a report about a burglary that had occurred. The suspect’s description of the burglary matched Nelson’s, and specific details about his clothing were included in the description. The victim of the burglary also had doorbell camera footage, which officers viewed, showing Nelson entering and exiting through the unlocked front door. He was seen carrying a stolen laptop and several bags containing two PlayStation 5 consoles, a MacBook laptop, multiple sets of car keys, house keys, an ID card, a debit card, $1,100 cash, an Audemars Piguet watch, designer clothing, and a Chromebook laptop. The value of the stolen property is valued to be more than $45,000, and Nelson was taken into custody for aggravated burglary, criminal trespass, and possession of a controlled substance. Nelson was recently arrested before this incident on June 18th for breaking into a US Bank ATM with a large rock.

DUI Arrest: Dayne Ryan Baughman jailed after driving wrong way on Trinity Lane

28-year-old Dayne Ryan Baughman was reportedly driving on the wrong side of W Trinity Lane near I-65 in the early hours of Sunday morning when police were alerted to the scene. The car was stopped when officers arrived. It had damage to the front fender and a blown-out tire. All occupants identified Baughman as the driver of the Mini Cooper. He had trouble balancing and had slurred speech. He took 24 steps on the 9-step test and performed poorly on all other field sobriety tests. He stated he only lived a short distance away and was trying to drive home. Officers gave him a ride to booking, where he was charged with DUI, and Baughman admitted to drinking alcohol prior to driving.