#DUI: Man charged with going 75+ in a 40 mph zone “on way to meet a girl” after leaving The 5 Spot

Sean K Andrews, 43, was at The 5 Spot Tuesday night, where he says he had three to four drinks, before leaving to meet a girl. Once he was on Gallatin Pike, officers paced him at 75 mph (in a 40 mph zone) as they initiated a traffic stop. He would not meet the girl on this night, he would be charged with DUI, possession of a handgun, and and reckless driving.

Woman Claims She Was Roofied At Five Spot East Nashville’s Motown Monday

Dot Hejny says she was roofied at The 5 Spot East Nashville, on Monday 10/23. In a post she made to a local Facebook group, Hejny says this last Monday, during the Motown Monday event at The 5 Spot. Here’s her post to the East Nashville Facebook group describing what happened: Hey, just a friendly PSA for those of you who feel comfortable going out dancing and leaving your drinks unattended, if only for a minute, (no judgement, I got too comfortable myself): this last Monday I was roofied at…