Near-naked man fondling genitals in Club-Hotel hallways says he was with two women – officers found empty rooms.

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Metro Police found 39-year-old Terrance Carter wearing only boxers and fondling his genitals with both hands at the Club-Hotel Nashville Tuesday evening, where he told a “bizarre and winding story about having two separate women he was with at the hotel”. Hotel staff reports he had been walking the hallways while nearly naked for several hours.

Metro Nashville Police officers responded to the Club-Hotel Nashville just before 7 p.m. Tuesday, to a report of a man walking the hallway in his boxers while fondling himself. The hotel staff reported to police the man had been just walking the hallway playing with himself for ‘several hours’.

Terrance Carter (MNPD)
Terrance Carter (MNPD)

Officers made contact with the man, identified as Terrance Carter, age 39, and noted he was only wearing boxer shorts, and had both hands inside his boxers, and was fondling his genitals. Officers ordered him to remove his hands from his genitals, which he did for the moment but remained ‘agitated and fidgety’ throughout the entire encounter.

Terrance Carter stated to officers that he knew the individual in room 339 as ‘Cara’, then restated that a different female was in 339 and Cara was in room 337. Hotel staff found both rooms to be unoccupied and unrented. He detailed to officers a ‘bizarre and winding story’ which claimed he was with two different women at the hotel but struggled to identify why he had ended up in his boxers roaming the hallways for hours while fondling his penis and testicles. Officers smelled marijuana, however, Carter denied any substance use despite showing several signs of impairment.

Terrance T Carter was booked into the Metro Nashville jail, charged with public intoxication, at 8:01 PM. He was released at 4:02 AM Wednesday, and his charge was dismissed.

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